Stream Of Life

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth
and of death, in ebb and in flow.

Life Is A Tall, Tender Tree

For if life is a tall tender tree,
For then, life is joy, life is free.
The tree is dancing in the air, sunny or showers,
With his joy, with his love, with his flowers.

For if life is a tall tender tree,
There is no pain or gain, she or he.
No complaining, only serving and caring.
Creating life for joy of sharing.

Yesterday And Today Xii

The gold-hoarder walked in his palace park and with him walked his troubles. And over his head hovered worries as a vulture hovers over a carcass, until he reached a beautiful lake surrounded by magnificent marble statuary.

He sat there pondering the water which poured from the mouths of the statues like thoughts flowing freely from a lover's imagination, and contemplating heavily his palace which stood upon a knoll like a birth-mark upon the cheek of a maiden. His fancy revealed to him the pages of his life's drama which he read with falling tears that veiled his eyes and prevented him from viewing man's feeble additions to Nature.

As I Watche'D The Ploughman Ploughing

As I watch'd the ploughman ploughing,
Or the sower sowing in the fields- or the harvester harvesting,
I saw there too, O life and death, your analogies:
(Life, life is the tillage, and Death is the harvest according.)

A Tapestry For Life

The weaving
of many

A tapestry

A Real Addiction

Out of love
I can take tricks and schemes
But from the beautiful faces
I won't take lies..

When she says ‘' I want to die ‘'
in this world this isa great lie

in heart every one likes to live
no matter in what conditions,

This Is My Life

Life defines in Metabolism,
In reproduction,
we make our miniature selves,
our look alike
In the power of adaptation,
like what is in now,
What is fashionable,
how I blend with all of you
How I mimic you,
how I become a clown to you,

Life's A Gift

Life's a gift for you to send
Life's a gift for god to end
Life's a gift now you're with me
Life's a gift for all to see
Life's a gift when love is true
Life's a gift when times look blue
Life's a gift with the one you trust
Life's a gift even if UN just
Life's a gift a ray of sun
Life's a gift though your heads held to a gun

Too Much Of A Good Thing (Life Life Life Life Life)

‘Too much of a good thing may be bad'
As the old cliche' goes
So always do things in moderation
Just like The Lord of Heaven knows

The blessings of God are great
As anyone can clearly see
And when done in moderation
We all can live quite free

Life, It's Precious!

There is nothing quite like life
In cheerful time it is life
In sorrowful time it is life
When the weather's bright it is life
When the weather's gloomy it is life
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

There is nothing quite like life

- - Living The Pain Of Life - -

___ Living the pain of life ___

Life is a big store of
fruitless love, compassion,
Through smile it is an effort to hide pain inexpressible.
Life is beautiful and too deep to hold.
The sky of life is full of stars with dense clouds.
Love fruitful and fruitless go side by side.
Thy love is sunshine to me and heavy rainfall.
The cup of my heart is too full to contain.

Life Is Love, And Love Is Life

life is life, however it would go
love is love, no matter what would occur
love is growing more with every hearts beat
feelings of my heart could never change
love is life, life is love
you can enjoy them as much as you want....

Slaughter Of The Innocent (Warning Warning Warning Warning)

The innocent were slaughtered
So many years ago
In the town of Bethlehem
Slew by an evil foe
Satan tried to keep The Christ
From entering this age
He used a king named Herod
Who acted on his rage

Satan has another plan

A Song About Life

Life is all the simple things
That we do and say.
And the much bigger things
That come into play.

Life is joy and sorrow
As we go along.
The smile and the tear.
The happy and sad song.

When You Walked In My Life...

When you walked in my life
You wiped my tears
When you walked in my life
You built my heart strong
When you walked in my life
You made my life precious
When you walked in my life
You taught me meaning of love
When you walked in my life
You showed me many things

A Drink

With glass, I am a man - or so I think! -
A role to play when blessed with courtly drink:
A gin or two, then vintage port or wine
To pep me up and gift me with a shine.

I know it's false, as I now must depend
Upon my daily shots with open end.
Insidious, it all becomes routine
To beg a drink each day for self-esteem.

A Life, You....

you are a life,
and without you,
there is no a life...
you are a rain which supplied my passion..
you are the air which i breathe..
and a sun which gave me a power and a warm by your heart..
you are a sky, which roaming me...
you are a birds, which sing our love..
you are a flowers, which gave me sweet- smelling..

When I Read The Book

When I read the book, the biography famous,
And is this, then, (said I,) what the author calls a man's life?
And so will some one, when I am dead and gone, write my life?
(As if any man really knew aught of my life;
Why, even I myself, I often think, know little or nothing of my real
Only a few hints- a few diffused, faint clues and indirections,
I seek, for my own use, to trace out here.)

Life Goes On

When the sun shines LIFE GOES ON
When the rain falls LIFE GOES ON
When the sun shines or the rain falls LIFE GOES ON.
When you're happy LIFE GOES ON
When you're sad LIFE GOES ON
When you're happy or you're sad if you're good or if
you're bad LIFE GOES ON

When you're laughing LIFE GOES ON
When you're crying LIFE GOES ON

Life Is A Teacher

Life is a teacher, which teaches how to live.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to laugh.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to make other people cry.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to love.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to hate.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win honour.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to embarrass others.
Indeed, life is a great teacher as it teaches everything.
And in this very greatness lies life's weakness, that it teaches everything.