A Song About Life Poem by Walterrean Salley

A Song About Life

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Life is all the simple things
That we do and say.
And the much bigger things
That come into play.

Life is joy and sorrow
As we go along.
The smile and the tear.
The happy and sad song.

Life is the young child
And the aged one.
Life is all the days.
And when the days are done.

Life is the great mountains.
And the sandy shores.
And life is the wildflowers
That one so adores.

Life is the ole owl—
As wise as it could be.
For life is everything
That pertains to you and me.

A Song About Life
Lasoaphia Quxazs 27 February 2012

It is a beautiful thought. This is Life. We can see the beauty in everything.

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Joseph Anderson 28 August 2012

Why do I love your poetry so much-let me count the ways. They show compassion, love, family nature and all the worthwhile things. This one is a fine example

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Soran M. H 25 December 2019

fantastic various description of life, with very nice images....10/10 And life is the wildflowers That one so adores.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 29 November 2016

yes! life is a complex form of joy and sorrow on path of journey! quite uplifting and inspiring write, thanks for sharing

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Walterrean Salley 30 November 2016

Thank you Dr. Kar for your valued coments.

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Amar Agarwala 22 November 2016

Small, simple and so beautiful! Enjoyed the verses so much. Thank for Sharing Walterrean.

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Walterrean Salley 30 November 2016

Amar, I appreciate your valued comments. Thank you.

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Walterrean Salley 30 November 2016

Rebecca, thank you. Your comments mean much.

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Rebecca Navarre 12 November 2016

Oh! ! ! Is This Ever So Beautiful And So Wonderful Too! ! ! Very True And Inspiring Write! ! ! Wonderfully Painted! ! ! Added To Favorites Too! ! ! Makes My Heart Smile! ! ! 10+++++++++++++++++S! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Allotey Abossey 05 June 2015

Well said, great inspiration. God bless you.

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