Life's A Gift Poem by SharonAnn Dawson

Life's A Gift

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Life's a gift for you to send
Life's a gift for god to end
Life's a gift now you're with me
Life's a gift for all to see
Life's a gift when love is true
Life's a gift when times look blue
Life's a gift with the one you trust
Life's a gift even if UN just
Life's a gift a ray of sun
Life's a gift though your heads held to a gun
Life's a gift when its handed on a tray
Life's a gift even though it's always on display
Life's a gift it's hard to understand how
Life's a gift so take advantage of it now

Life's A Gift
Brandon Toding 09 June 2008

just thought you would like to see my verson :) thx again for writing it i got a poem i lie enoph to do Life’s a gift for you to see Life’s a gift even though the fee Life’s a gift learn to manage Life’s a gift take every advantage Life’s a gift beauty like a dove Life’s a gift learn to use love Life’s a gift don’t fall under Life’s a gift learn to wonder Life’s a gift with in under dog Life’s a gift strong covered by fog Life’s a gift knowing they will never stop Life’s a gift one day they will be on top Life’s a gift so never put them down Life’s a gift or you’ll be in the pound

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Deanna Wilson 01 August 2008

I like this one! ! ! It's orginal and it sounds great! ! !

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Brandon Toding 09 June 2008

wow i loved this i have a school project and i have to make a modal poam take the poets poem and turn it in to my own words really i hope u dont mind but i want to use yours :) its really good

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Jhon Fernandis 06 November 2008

good i like this very well written please comment on my poems also thank's and have a nice day

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Rohan chunke 19 November 2018

I am proud of you you make this much nice poem

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Rohan chunke 19 November 2018

I am proud of you you make this much nice poem

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Melissa Patty 23 January 2015

I really like this poem. Inspirational :) x

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Kelsee Vandiver 31 March 2009

your poem was amazzinggg it hepled me with so many ideas on mine for school! !

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Walter Burlock 13 December 2008

I LOVE this poem can I put it on my myspace?

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