A Life, You.... Poem by hazem al jaber

A Life, You....

Rating: 2.9

you are a life,
and without you,
there is no a life...
you are a rain which supplied my passion..
you are the air which i breathe..
and a sun which gave me a power and a warm by your heart..
you are a sky, which roaming me...
you are a birds, which sing our love..
you are a flowers, which gave me sweet- smelling..

every day my love grow up in yours..

you are a life,,
image my life without you,,, its as nothing
as a soil....
you are a life, and without you...
there is no a life....

A Life, You....
Kathryn Miller 06 June 2006

Nice. This poem shows great affection towards your partner. This was a great piece. -Kathryn

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Nibedita Deb 13 January 2006

You know what, sometimes poems are the best way to express urself to ur beloved. And this one is an ideal one for me - consider going through the poem 'sans you' - similar in philosophy. Regards, Nibedita.

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ainsly richard 01 December 2005

yea ok, dont get to obsessed with the person sometimes thats scares them away xamberx

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Miriam Maia Padua 09 October 2011

sweet write... to write this for a lady is quite uplifting and heartwarming..

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Sabrina Jubahar 10 August 2009

sweet meanings described in every word. Nice poem!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 12 May 2009

Very lovely love poem, love it with 10.

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Naidz Ladia 22 January 2009

you are my life coz u came to me you r the reason i lived you r thr joy in my heart you r the music n my ears you wiped all my tears thru texts nd sms thru chats nd thru poemhunter you are my love the love whch s true truely given to you u r the reason i survived from the terminal am gettin near.. even if u checked many times the wrds ''i love you''used by me NO DOUBTS, NO HESITATIONS, NO FEARS.. I LOVE YOU IS FOR YOU... lav ya.. naizz

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sumaira .....ir 07 January 2009

I can smell the fragrance of life in this poem! LOVELYYY!

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