Albert Witz

Albert Witz Poems

1. Build Me Up 6/12/2012
2. Darkness 6/12/2012
3. The Darkness 6/13/2012
4. Solipsistic Soliloquy 6/13/2012
5. Short 6/13/2012
6. Words Hurt 6/13/2012
7. Time 6/13/2012
8. I'M Tired Of Titles 6/13/2012
9. We'Re Not In Control 6/12/2012
10. Death Conquers 6/13/2012
11. My Apology 6/13/2012
12. Hellfire 6/13/2012
13. Light 6/13/2012
14. All For You 6/12/2012
15. Love 6/13/2012
16. I Wrote This During A Test 6/13/2012
17. Lost In Life Yet Never Alone 6/13/2012
18. Blinded By Pain 6/15/2012
19. A Bad Night 6/12/2012
20. Save Me 6/12/2012
21. A Quick Thought 6/12/2012
22. Children's Revolution 6/12/2012
23. Together 6/12/2012
24. Trouble Sleeping 8/6/2013
25. Contemplation 6/12/2012
26. Late Night Woes 7/27/2013
Best Poem of Albert Witz

Late Night Woes

Dear silence, old friend of mine
ambiguity stricken doubt plaguing any inner sanctum
clinging to thoughts unspoken, wrought with insecurity
I bring no false duplicity, eternally bullied down by psychotic fits of misery
Follow me to the depths, the void, the barren vile world of my demise,
where those words which whip and lash reside,
where the memories mangled and mowed by blackness thrive,
where the subtle creeping shadows slowly enclose around my mind.

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Save Me

Today I realized just what I missed.
Life's a game with one hell of a twist.
I don't know how much longer I'll be able to play.
My thoughts growing weirder and weirder by day.
I can't yet decide what I want to become.
I fear for my sanity in this fucked up home.
You tell me that by losing myself, I'd be hurting the world.
Baby, if that's true then please help me control.
These thoughts, my eyes, my mind as a whole.

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