Treasure Island

Amanda Wilson


Poems of Amanda Wilson

1. Best Friends 12/15/2008
2. fade form my life 9/14/2008
3. friends forever 12/15/2008
4. I love you! ! ! 9/14/2008
5. I'm not in love with you! ! ! 9/15/2008
6. let the rain fall 9/14/2008
7. love 11/4/2008
8. my hearts is safe 11/23/2008
9. my hero 10/31/2008
10. ocean 10/31/2008
11. struggled 11/4/2008
12. walls 9/15/2008
13. window of life 9/14/2008
14. wish 10/31/2008

window of life

I see my life from a window. I feel like people are having more fun then me. And no one can see me looking threw this window. But you seen me looking threw the window of my life. And you polled me out and show everyone how I was. I thank you for that but a long the way I fell in love with you. but in the end you left me a lone. and now I am back looking threw my window hoping you will come back and save me again.

By: Amanda Wilson

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