Aneesha Roy

(23rd September,1993 / Kolkata)

Poems of Aneesha Roy

1. A Midnight Summons 11/2/2013
2. Crimson Rejuvenation(A haiku) 6/5/2014
3. Disappointment(A Haiku) 6/5/2014
4. Hope(A haiku) 11/2/2013
5. Morning Aubade 11/2/2013
6. Quaint nothings(A Haiku) 6/5/2014
7. Reflection(A Haiku) 11/2/2013
8. The Greatest Gift (A Haiku) 11/2/2013
9. Unforgivable 11/2/2013


Today I saw a brilliant red flower
Crushed under the wheels of a car.
It lay afterward, sprawled on the road,
Its floral entrails hideously exposed.
It lay, crushed, rended, torn, dead
And the guilty whizzed ahead without a care.
No pall of gloom was cast around,
No screams of pain were heard.
No audible whimpers sounded then.

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