Angel E. Broberg

[Quill Queen]

Poems of Angel E. Broberg

1. Dreaming 6/16/2013
2. Faint Shadow 6/13/2013
3. Hey, pet 7/31/2013
4. Luna 5/7/2013
5. Poem #13 6/14/2013
6. Prejudice 6/15/2013
7. Restless 4/30/2013
8. The Beauty Of A Flower 5/1/2013

Faint Shadow

I am a shell of my former self
A faint shadow of someone else
‘cuz all the awesomeness I used to be
disappeared into somewhere I can’t see
So here I stand now both lame and blind
searching for parts that I can’t find
Treading through darkness, arms stretched out
hoping to find myself in the night

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