Treasure Island

Angel E. Broberg

[Quill Queen]

Poems of Angel E. Broberg

1. Dreaming 6/16/2013
2. Faint Shadow 6/13/2013
3. Hey, pet 7/31/2013
4. Luna 5/7/2013
5. Poem #13 6/14/2013
6. Prejudice 6/15/2013
7. Restless 4/30/2013
8. The Beauty Of A Flower 5/1/2013

The Beauty Of A Flower

Petals soft, fragrance sweet
unspoiled nature even in heat
even in snow, storms and rain
it stands, enduring all the pain

Endless times lost its mother,
uprooted, lost its feet
though it remains fresh and sweet

[Hata Bildir]