Antonio Liao

Veteran Poet - 1,124 Points (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Antonio Liao Poems

1. The Lioness Beside Him 6/25/2008
2. Let Me Give You This Starting Point 6/25/2008
3. June 6/25/2008
4. Of Delicate Poems 6/26/2008
5. My Unicorn 6/26/2008
6. The Lines That Mama Recited To Our Housemaid 6/27/2008
7. Dry Leaves Falling 6/28/2008
8. Pssht.... 7/1/2008
9. I Love You....Promise 7/1/2008
10. Enriquita 7/3/2008
11. You Will Hear My Sound 7/5/2008
12. I Will Not Write About A Poem Where You Can Relate 7/5/2008
13. Restricted 7/7/2008
14. When I Am Stressed Out, I Just Stay Silent 7/7/2008
15. Pour 7/7/2008
16. Funny 7/12/2008
17. Sail.....On 7/14/2008
18. It Is Not The Port That Matters Now 7/15/2008
19. An Echo 7/15/2008
20. Comes The Sun 7/15/2008
21. Et Tuo...Brutus 7/16/2008
22. To The One Beyond Words 7/17/2008
23. Blue 7/17/2008
24. The Stars 7/17/2008
25. On Some Memories 7/17/2008
26. Let My Tears Dried Up In Your Cheek 7/21/2008
27. Be My Beginning....A Mean To An End 7/23/2008
28. Oprah 7/23/2008
29. I Believe In You.... Dear 8/5/2008
30. The Alpha And The Omega 8/6/2008
31. The Newness Of Life 8/11/2008
32. The Chances Of Winning 8/11/2008
33. On Ronald's 'They' 8/14/2008
34. It Is Fair Enough 8/14/2008
35. It Is All Dust 8/14/2008
36. Life After Death..... A Journey 7/24/2008
37. Woman A Mother 7/24/2008
38. Tear My Heart Dear 7/29/2008
39. Ignorance 8/14/2008
40. Time 8/14/2008
Best Poem of Antonio Liao

A Flower For You

on tangled hair
you lay there alone
you bite your nails
you laugh so hard
on your hazy lines
you dance you sing
you cry you laugh
on moods that swing
like a crazy pendulum

you say my name
without remembering
what love was there
once, everlasting

you vomit
what we had and
then you swallow them
all again

i cry seeing you
like this
away from your senses

i hand this flower
for you
the smell may make
you return
from day one
when you were real
when you still feel

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A Puzzle Piece Of Dream

I come to gather the little piece
of what is mine, where a thousand smile waited
to find a punch of drink just to wake me up
from deep sleep I toe.

Oh! mine of host, thou the wind have capture
the hour the little piece
of doubt wonder the tangle voice of reverence;
come set beside me and whisper a little,

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