Babalwa Mbalula

(1988-01-09 / king william's town)

Poems of Babalwa Mbalula

1. Can i? 8/29/2006
2. Dear Me 6/15/2006
3. I Miss You 6/15/2006
4. My age means nothing 10/9/2006
5. this can only drive me crazy 9/23/2006
6. u cannot define me(it's already been done) 10/19/2006
7. WHEN IT HURTS 10/9/2006

My age means nothing

I might only have been around for a few years
Some of you might even say my lack in years
Might have an influence on my view on
Certain things
You might even go to the extreme of calling me
“Wet behind my ears”
I know so much and I’ve seen
A lot as well
My innocence was stolen from me along time

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