Rookie (1565 / Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd)


1. If I Steal The Hearts Of A Million Girls 5/30/2006
2. Carmenita 5/30/2006
3. Louise Lou Weez 5/30/2006
4. I Am Poet, No More No Less 5/30/2006
5. Holiday In Hell, Isn'T It Swell? 5/30/2006
6. Turtleman 5/30/2006
7. Susan I Remember You 5/30/2006
8. Life Is Just A Parade 5/30/2006
9. Carolyn Dropped A Rose In My Lap 5/30/2006
10. From A Dead Man's Point Of View 5/30/2006
11. Noelle's Birthday Poem 5/30/2006
12. A Teardropp Too Heavy 5/31/2006
13. My Blood Is Drowning In Wine 5/31/2006
14. Absence Of Color When We Dream 5/31/2006
15. Fiona The Fair 5/31/2006
16. I Always Loved You Tracy, My Lord! 5/31/2006
17. Schizophrenia Shirlee 6/1/2006
18. Frozen In Eternal Night Our Bodies Lie Disparate 6/1/2006
19. High On Painkillers Or An Ode To Percodan And Vicodin 6/1/2006
20. Ode To My Satyriasis Addiction 6/1/2006
21. Irene Had A Big Giant Heart, I Have None 6/1/2006
22. Rosalynn Whose Heart I May Not Win 6/1/2006
23. My Heart Sings For Christmas And On Each New Year 6/1/2006
24. Midori Has A Sad Story 6/16/2006
25. Cari Ann Are We Loved? 5/31/2006
26. Luci Ann I'M A Dying Man 5/31/2006
27. Video Is Your Opiate 5/31/2006
28. Jenny Looks Like Goldie 5/31/2006
29. Darkest Hue Of Blue 5/31/2006
30. Iris' Belle Du Jour 6/19/2006
31. Battle To The Death Over Groceries And Toys 6/20/2006
32. I Will Even Love You When I'M Gone 7/1/2006
33. Fart Button 7/1/2006
34. Natas' Stripper Nation 7/2/2006
35. Ars Gratia Denero Vs Art For The Sake Of Art 7/2/2006
36. Sorrow Drops From Heaven 9/21/2006
37. La Belle Sultane (Beaten To A Pulp By Dark Purple Flowers) 10/1/2006
38. Twenty Summers Die 10/17/2006
39. Lofty Lover 11/5/2006
40. Thanksgiving's Funniest Ever! ! Repeat! 11/23/2006
Best Poem of BEAU GOLDEN

Happy Dreams Of Murder

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep

Nothing wakes me late at night sedatives stopped all that
I wouldn't even wake up if you hit me with a bat
My dreams are filled with bloodshed the massacre won't stop
I can't restrain the pleasure i gain from spilling every drop

I've killed the guys who've pissed me off every worthless sot
Killed Franks, and Jeffs, and many Bobs, and a guy whose name was Lott
My method is machine gun as they lined up in their cue
Perhaps they are all lawyers ...

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Deadliest Kind Of Pain

Sometimes you wander through an empty life
And you can't find solace or love
Sometimes you're hurting because you can't hold
The person you're dreaming of
Sometimes it seems like you're standing still
And the world is moving too fast
Sometimes it seems that you can't live down
All the suffering that builds up from your past

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