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41. Fart Button 7/1/2006
42. Fiona The Fair 5/31/2006
43. Flying Off Of Rooftops 2/27/2009
44. From A Dead Man's Point Of View 5/30/2006
45. Frozen In Eternal Night Our Bodies Lie Disparate 6/1/2006
46. Funniest Thanksgiving Ever! 11/23/2006
47. Furr Love 1/14/2012
48. Go And Do And Be 7/23/2008
49. Happy Dreams Of Murder 5/31/2006
50. Haunted Poodle Attack 11/5/2006
51. Her Face Calms Me 8/11/2008
52. Her Life Had Barely Begun 9/13/2007
53. High On Painkillers Or An Ode To Percodan And Vicodin 6/1/2006
54. Holiday In Hell, Isn'T It Swell? 5/30/2006
55. I Always Loved You Tracy, My Lord! 5/31/2006
56. I Am Poet, No More No Less 5/30/2006
57. I Cannot Die (Revised) 3/17/2007
58. I Hear Music When She Moves 9/25/2008
59. I Love You I Hate You 10/2/2007
60. I Want To Touch Your Heart 10/16/2008
61. I Will Even Love You When I'M Gone 7/1/2006
62. Ice Cream Dreams 10/2/2007
63. If I Am Ever Offered Your Heart 2/6/2008
64. If I Steal The Hearts Of A Million Girls 5/30/2006
65. Irene Had A Big Giant Heart, I Have None 6/1/2006
66. Iris' Belle Du Jour 6/19/2006
67. Jenny Looks Like Goldie 5/31/2006
68. Jill Grieves Over What She Perceives 7/20/2009
69. Joyless Kiss 5/30/2006
70. Just Leave Me Alone 7/15/2007
71. Kiss Away My Tears 6/4/2007
72. La Belle Sultane (Beaten To A Pulp By Dark Purple Flowers) 10/1/2006
73. Laura Said It Wasn'T Red 5/31/2006
74. Le Petit Mort (French Orgasm) 10/25/2008
75. Life Is Just A Parade 5/30/2006
76. Lily Burk 8/14/2009
77. Lips Eyes Face Thighs Summer Skies Teenage Sighs 6/18/2009
78. Lofty Lover 11/5/2006
79. Losing My Favorite Puppy 5/20/2009
80. Loss 2/13/2007
Best Poem of BEAU GOLDEN

Happy Dreams Of Murder

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep

Nothing wakes me late at night sedatives stopped all that
I wouldn't even wake up if you hit me with a bat
My dreams are filled with bloodshed the massacre won't stop
I can't restrain the pleasure i gain from spilling every drop

I've killed the guys who've pissed me off every worthless sot
Killed Franks, and Jeffs, and many Bobs, and a guy whose name was Lott
My method is machine gun as they lined up in their cue
Perhaps they are all lawyers ...

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Louise Lou Weez

Once i had a daisy
I held it in a vase
It allowed me to get lazy
I worried about my face
Then i chewed on the daisy
And i broke it's stupid vase
And the whole damn thing exploded
Back right in my face
You See-A rhyme with face and vase

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