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1. Dark Shadowed Tears I Call My Soul 10/13/2012
2. I Have Feelings 10/13/2012
3. A Blank Canvas 10/13/2012
4. Fire Ignited 10/21/2012
5. It's Your Pocket, Darling 10/21/2012
6. When I Let My Mind Go Where It Wants To 10/21/2012
7. River Of Love 11/9/2012
8. I Know The Feeling 1/29/2013
9. In The Blink Of An Eye 1/29/2013
10. Point Of View 1/29/2013
11. Somewhere 9/9/2013
12. I Waited. Not Anymore. 9/9/2013
13. Up In Flames 10/31/2013
14. The Seven Deadly Sins 10/31/2013
15. The Demons Inside Us 11/22/2013
16. Way Down Deep 4/1/2013
17. Where I'M From 4/14/2013
18. Circle Of Life 1/29/2013
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Circle Of Life

Sun rises
Sun falls
Clocks tick
Love calls

Hearts swell
Hope dies
Sudden change
New eyes

Lives turn
Lives shift
Beauty blooms
Worlds twist

Tearing pain
Like a knife
But hearts heal
Circle of life

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River Of Love

Out of the corner of my eye
I can see it
A seductive red river
Flowing silently
In my mind
But whenever I turn to see it
It vanishes
I try to push it away
But it always comes back
When it come to the river of love
I'd rather not get my feet wet
Much less in over my head

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