Treasure Island

Buddy Bee Anthony

[Buddy Bee Anthony]

Poems of Buddy Bee Anthony

81. Trouble 1/16/2012
82. Underworld Garden Of Dreams 8/10/2012
83. Unlike You 11/20/2011
84. Untitled 5/30/2014
85. Warrior's Prayer 9/22/2012
86. Wayward Child 11/27/2011
87. West Coast 5/5/2014
88. When The Drugs Wear Off 5/27/2014
89. Wild Rice Soak 3/24/2012
90. Winner Take All 1/5/2012

Drinkin Song

I often drink until I hit the floor

God bless my favorite all night liquor store

Of course I'll sober up when I'm asleep

So, I may then start countin drunken sheep

To boldly swig a shot to meet the day

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