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81. 'Sprout' 11/28/2011
82. Squishy Squashy Squish 4/28/2012
83. Starving For Words 1/1/2012
84. Stuck On Stupid 7/4/2012
85. Sugar Love 1/5/2012
86. Tell Me The Truth 1/1/2012
87. Tellulah 3/24/2012
88. Terrible Two's Days 12/31/2014
89. That's How It Is To Grow Old 1/9/2013
90. That's It And That's All 11/26/2011
91. The Hangout 2/19/2015
92. The Police 1/6/2012
93. The State I'M In 2/18/2014
94. The Ties That Bind 11/2/2015
95. The View At 62 10/12/2013
96. The Work Song 12/22/2011
97. Them That's Gots Gets 2/19/2015
98. Thumpin 8/9/2012
99. Tic Tic Tic 10/26/2014
100. Tide To Turn 10/28/2012
101. Tmt 11/24/2013
102. Too High 11/27/2011
103. Trickle Down 11/20/2011
104. Trouble 1/16/2012
105. Underworld Garden Of Dreams 8/10/2012
106. Unlike You 11/20/2011
107. Untitled 5/30/2014
108. Violated 12/14/2014
109. Wayward Child 11/27/2011
110. West Coast 5/5/2014
111. Wham Whams 3/2/2015
112. What Color Is Your Empire 10/25/2015
113. When The Drugs Wear Off 5/27/2014
114. White To Black 11/28/2011
115. Wild Rice Soak 3/24/2012
116. Winner Take All 1/5/2012
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Four Letter 'Work' Song

Work me up
work me out
work me flip side down
Work me here
work me there
work me with renown

Work me hot
work me greedy
work me through and through
Work me to the very marrow
work me just like I'd work you

Work me proud
work me late
work me do not hesitate

Won't you let me work for you?
Work me til I'm black and blue
Work me steady, work me needy
work me to a lather
Work me til my backbone breaks
and the buzzards gather
Work me in, work me under
work me til I bleed
Work me over red hot coals
work me like a...

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Family Tree

I got a brother named Thunder
another named Lightenin
my sister's named Wind and I'm Rain
Goin' steady with a sweet li'l warm breeze
She makin love like a Hurricaine
When the Gods of the Father of my Mother and Me
first ate the fruit off the olive tree
The Moon raised the tide
bringin on a mudslide

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