Charles Wax

Charles Wax Poems

1. Fragments Concerning Ontological Commotion 1/17/2009
2. Floating To Fame 1/18/2009
3. A Discourse On Heartache 1/20/2009
4. A True Child Of The Buddha In Brooklyn 1/25/2009
5. Above All Things Desirable 1/26/2009
6. Christmas Day 1/27/2009
7. The Supreme Command 1/30/2009
8. Waking At 2 Am 2/1/2009
9. Without A Shield 2/1/2009
10. Besieged 2/6/2009
11. All Travelers On The Way To Infinity 2/7/2009
12. Breath In The Tunnel Of Bone 2/9/2009
13. Drowning In A River Of Liquid Assets 2/9/2009
14. Betty's Bliss 2/4/2009
15. Some Little Inaccuracies 2/11/2009
16. A True Child Of The Buddha In Brooklyn 8/5/2012
17. Utitled 5/2/2013
18. Untitled 5/2/2013
19. Utterly Bewildered By The Tenacity Of Doom 5/4/2013
20. At A Conference Entitled 5/5/2013
21. Gloomy Scenes Foreshadowing Commotions 5/5/2013
22. At Spinoza Hs Mice Ruled The Night 5/5/2013
23. When Treasure Stepped Into Meng's 5/4/2013
24. The Greatest Mystery 2/14/2009
25. The Palace Of Pleasure 2/14/2009
26. A Paper Coat To Protect Against The Cold 2/15/2009
27. Almost An Illustrious Author 2/16/2009
28. Opening The Door 2/12/2009
29. Love's Last Shift 2/12/2009
30. A Tale Of True Love 8/5/2012
31. An Illustrious And Sublime Author 2/13/2009
32. The Chemistry Of Solitude 2/11/2009
33. The Three Marks Of Existence 2/5/2009
34. A Capacity For Limitless Serenity 2/9/2009
35. In Hopes Of A Happier Life 2/2/2009
36. A Tale Of Love 1/23/2009
37. Nothing Beyond Mercy 1/19/2009
38. The Utmost Fortress 1/11/2009
39. Being At One Time Defeated 2/18/2009
40. Don'T Get Many Fan Letters 1/17/2009
Best Poem of Charles Wax

A Wholly Unprecendented Wound

I said to Barry Waldbaum in the Teacher’s Center,
“One of my students asked me, ‘What’s a hermaphrodite? ’”
“That some kinda mollusk, Bernstein? ” he said,
“cause I think I seen that creature on NATURE.”
“Got both male and female sex organs.”
“I was born with four toes.”
“I never knew. Which foot? ”
“Left. A missing little thing like that
and my father was against me from the start.
First time I went to the beach
a crowd of people hovered around me.
Well, when my father seen that
he right away started charging a nickel
for a look and for a dame
you ...

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The Utmost Fortress

Soon the snow would whirl from highest heaven to earth
spreading the nectar of happiness
on the tortured streets, on the tortured hearts.
“You ain’t heard a word I said, ” Hubert Tilton moaned.
“Sorry, ” I said, meaning it, yet still caught up
in the blessed vision.
“Yesterday after supper
I munched a whole loaf of Wonder bread
and drank a six pack of red raspberry soda.

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