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Cherret Leakey Poems

1. Out Of Impulse 9/4/2012
2. Let's Find Truce 9/6/2012
3. A Portrait 9/5/2012
4. The Higher Power 9/13/2012
5. Study Abroad! ! 6/15/2013
6. Life Dies, So Is Romance 10/14/2014
7. Sensitive To 11/7/2014
8. Girl 12/15/2014
9. Story-Writing 101 8/12/2015
10. To The One I Love 8/18/2015
11. Dream Downstream 8/21/2015
12. I Wish They Saw That 8/21/2015
13. Workers On Strike 9/7/2012
14. Spite 9/15/2012
15. A Poet's Prayer 9/2/2012
16. The Road To Love 7/14/2015
17. My Hand 11/10/2014
18. Texting 9/21/2013
19. How Curious? 9/12/2012
20. Growth Of A Poet 9/3/2012
21. Dear Little Secret 9/8/2012
22. Write Down. 9/10/2013
23. What Is Fathering? 10/16/2013
Best Poem of Cherret Leakey

What Is Fathering?

Whenever i looked at my father,
You know what i saw?
I saw a dad.
I insist i saw-
I wasn't told, you know-
He was a father in a man.
Further into being a father,
He was a dad.
In the outer world,
A man, he was.
But in my world
A dad, a father and a man;
A true one.
At least in my childhood eyes.

Cherret Leakey.

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A Portrait

What is in a portrait?
A lifeless and emotionless stare.
The clock will always tick
Signaling the progress of time
While the stare
Will take no notice of that.

The pictured is dynamic
Taking notice of the ticking clock

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