Treasure Island

chris littlejohm

Poems of chris littlejohm

1. A Call To The Dying 4/29/2013
2. A Change In Perspective 5/10/2013
3. A Day Full Of Beauty 4/25/2013
4. A Midnight Test 4/30/2013
5. a prayer for tonight 4/26/2013
6. A Social Beginning 4/25/2013
7. A Welcomed Gift Unwelcomed 4/25/2013
8. Beauty Of Sound 4/28/2013
9. Flowers on the Fenceline 11/8/2013
10. My Dearest Friend 4/28/2013
11. Unrequitted 4/25/2013

A Social Beginning

You take a drag, I'm not
Addicted. subconscious
calls the lie, exhale and
the smoke swirls while
Conscience begins to deny

Its social etiquette you
Say as the years quietly
Slide on by but you silently

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