Clarence Williams

Rookie - 10 Points (May 19,1980 / Washington, D.C)

Clarence Williams Poems

1. A Miracle Survior 10/1/2012
2. The Shadow 10/1/2012
3. I'M Different 10/5/2012
4. I Support Pink 10/9/2012
5. My Name Is Notorious 10/9/2012
6. My Name Is 10/10/2012
7. Missing Puzzle Piece 10/10/2012
8. I Became Thirsty As Well 10/11/2012
9. You Make Me Smile 10/12/2012
10. Baby I'M Sorry 10/12/2012
11. Not Guilty 10/12/2012
12. Missing Pieces 10/14/2012
13. I Was Attached To An Open Womb 10/15/2012
14. All I Wanted Is For You To Love Me 10/15/2012
15. Thee Intent 10/15/2012
16. Thee Unexpected 10/15/2012
17. The Pretend Game 10/15/2012
18. Paralyze State Of Mind 10/15/2012
19. I Saw You Sleeping 10/15/2012
20. I Didn'T Think I Had The Strength To Love Again 10/15/2012
21. The Dark Cloud 10/15/2012
22. You Touched Me 10/16/2012
23. The Full Package 10/16/2012
24. The Reappeard Act 10/17/2012
25. I Dont No Every Thing 10/16/2012
26. Suffocating On Thee Inside 10/21/2012
27. Stop Walking Backwards 10/24/2012
28. Life And Love Is Beautiful 10/24/2012
29. I Felt Your Skin 10/24/2012
30. You Saw The Stop Light 10/24/2012
31. You Can'T Out Run God 10/24/2012
32. Flushing 10/24/2012
33. In Peace, But Not In Pieces 5/30/2013
34. May Have Looked Down, But Not Out 5/31/2013
35. In His Presence 6/12/2013
36. I Needed Something 6/25/2013
37. Don'T Give Up On Your Smile 6/28/2013
38. Gods Timing Is On Time 6/28/2013
39. You Can Achieve It All 6/29/2013
40. When I Allow My Issue Too Go Love! ! ! ! 7/4/2013
Best Poem of Clarence Williams

In Love With Someone Else Man

It's thee craziest thought that comes to mind, when I take the time to think about that glass of wine when I'm alone...with him. And he's sneaking behind and lying to you,  while he's making love to me to. He's married And! I really can't believe he was hiding that secret from me, that ring, with words saying I do! I thought it was a dream that I could not wake up from.  But I didn't give a flying ****because  when he's next to me the ring I didn't  really care to see, when he and I are between one another sheets. He's married! ! ! ! ! ! Wow  I just can't let that go, well i guess ill go with ...

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The pain my tears I'm facing my peers what they done and they said I was down but I'm not dead I was last but I'm first braking off that g curse. What was on my inside the drama had to die my eye is open and Clarence Is coping, the start of a new day, I'm going all the way, thru faith shall not fear, what ever mite a peer.


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