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Daimon Ferguson

Rookie (Portland, Oregon)

Poems of Daimon Ferguson

1. A wish that was: 4/13/2012
2. Angels and Demons: 5/16/2012
3. Best friends 4/16/2012
4. Dark They Are: 10/12/2012
5. falling in love 4/27/2012
6. Fire 4/25/2012
7. I'm Sorry 5/11/2012
8. inheritance 4/23/2012
9. Love and Time 5/1/2012
10. The Legacy of Hope: 9/4/2012
11. The Meaning of Love: 4/12/2012
12. there for me 5/2/2012
13. There's A Chill In The Air: 10/9/2013
14. you: 11/28/2012


With bow and arrow he wandered the night,
Deep in the Spine with the deer he must smight.
Then out of thin air appeared a stone of blue.
Where it came from he had no clue.
Until one day a dragon hatched by moon.
He raised it in secret, having not a clue what to do,
When two creatures sought to take everything he knew
In this he swore to seek revenge,
And with him came a man who told tales of dragons.

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