David McLansky

Freshman - 992 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

401. Poem To Elaine 12/23/2013
402. Poem To Michael's Girlfriend 3/29/2014
403. Poem To Valerie 8/18/2013
404. Poetic Mornings 4/9/2014
405. Pope Pius Xii 5/28/2013
406. Porcelin Doll 10/13/2013
407. Prayers For Kay 5/3/2013
408. Proposal To Dijuana 5/24/2014
409. Putin Kiev, Peasant Style 3/3/2014
410. Pygmalion 1/12/2014
411. Quaker Churchyard Rain 2/21/2014
412. Queen Elaine Of Canada 4/26/2013
413. Queen Gertrude 12/28/2013
414. Queen Of Empty Spaces 4/22/2014
415. Raptor Xmas 1/18/2013
416. Reflections On Theodore, Franklyn, Eleanor And Me. 9/21/2014
417. Remember Me In Your Pain 4/23/2014
418. Remembrance Of Poems Past 5/11/2013
419. Response To Brooklyn 6/6/2014
420. Restored Poems 2/27/2014
421. Reunion 3/7/2014
422. Riff Onat The Request Of My Students While Teaching Wordsworth's..Daffodils 7/23/2013
423. Riff For Gajanan Mishra 3/1/2014
424. Riff On Sue Ann Simar's 'I Awoke In A Casket' 7/12/2013
425. Riff On A Fellow Poet's Query: What's Wrong With Some Women? 4/1/2014
426. Riff On A Jack Growden Poem 'Lament' 10/20/2013
427. Riff On A River Poet 3/26/2014
428. Riff On A Senorita's Poem 2/24/2013
429. Riff On A Walk On A Scottish Beach 4/20/2013
430. Riff On Allen Steble's 'There's A Fire Burning In My Eyes's 5/15/2013
431. Riff On Andrew Latham's Lamenting Angels 2/24/2014
432. Riff On Belfast Dave's Guinness Is Good For You 2/5/2014
433. Riff On Birches By Robert Frost 6/22/2015
434. Riff On Blackbird's Causality 7/10/2014
435. Riff On Blackbird's Comment On Plants On My Grave 3/30/2014
436. Riff On Bruce's Post Card Love Affairs 7/26/2014
437. Riff On Colleen Courtney's Love Without Sex 3/22/2014
438. Riff On Come Dance Wiiith Me 2/17/2013
439. Riff On David Lewis Paget's Fine 'The Mudlarks' 4/28/2013
440. Riff On Death Comes Knocking 2/14/2013
Best Poem of David McLansky


They told us all 'to just stay put, '
Breathing ashes and blackened soot,
'Put a towel against the door, '
'Wet it first, put it on the floor; '
'The Firemen were on the way, '
That's what 911 said that day;
But I've always had an ornery streak,
When told to obey and to be meek,
We were told to wait in that fiery din;
'Be patient, the firemen were coming in; '
But I rebelled; I could not sit still,
I would not cling to the windowsill,
I was tired of always following orders,
I had to think of my two daughters;
So for once I dared to rebel

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Shakespeare In Love

To me my beauty you never shall be old,
Though Time shall scourge your fragile shield of flesh;
I balm those wounds as Time's cruel lash does scold,
And heal his welts, your loveliness refreshed;
For in my love are herbs of powers rare
Restoring as harsh Time does take away,
My eyes, your mirror, chastening your despair,
Reflecting forth you've aged not yet a day;
Take comfort then within this frame of youth:

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