David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,045 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

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Best Poem of David McLansky


They told us all 'to just stay put, '
Breathing ashes and blackened soot,
'Put a towel against the door, '
'Wet it first, put it on the floor; '
'The Firemen were on the way, '
That's what 911 said that day;
But I've always had an ornery streak,
When told to obey and to be meek,
We were told to wait in that fiery din;
'Be patient, the firemen were coming in; '
But I rebelled; I could not sit still,
I would not cling to the windowsill,
I was tired of always following orders,
I had to think of my two daughters;
So for once I dared to rebel

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I should have grabbed him by the balls
And lifted him on high,
Then slammed him on the wrestling mat
And broke his bony thighs
\\\\He invited me to test my skill
Against his jealous arms
I had tamed a wild man's will,
Without causing patient harm;

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