David McLansky

Freshman - 854 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

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558. The Importance Of Wearing A Raincoat 6/25/2013
559. The Irish In Decline (A Riff) 12/17/2012
560. The Last Party 12/16/2012
Best Poem of David McLansky

in Praise Of Older Women

Give me not
Your nubile girls
Experts on the course of life,
Whose baby cheeks
Unshadowed eyes
Bespeak the fact
They've never cried.

Give to me
A love of sorrow
Whose flesh has known
Fear of tomorrow;
Whose hands have shaken
With life's knowledge
Never gained
By years of college.

Give to me
A love whose sated
Scores of lovers
Proved ill-fated,
Grateful for the touch
That brings
The revival of
Youth's fateful Spring.

Give me not
Your heart unbroken,
The n'er betrayed
By words unspoken,
Who never ...

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The Cloak

The Cloak

Give to me
Your web of sorrow
And I will weave it
On the morrow
Into a cloth of shimmering gold
Interlaced with spells of old,
Chants against the days of sadness,
Armor for the days of madness;
Protecting hearts not meant to be
Stunned by life's harsh threnody.

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