David Whittingham

David Whittingham Poems

1. Forsaken 7/22/2008
2. Lost Soul 7/22/2008
3. Society 7/22/2008
4. Mypoem 7/22/2008
5. The Cursed Glove 7/22/2008
6. For Hire (Monologue/Story) - Sorry About The Spelling 7/22/2008
7. Club-Life 9/22/2008
8. Fodder 9/23/2008
9. Spore 9/23/2008
10. Me 3/23/2009
11. Reasons 7/2/2009
12. Racism Pool 6/8/2011
13. Life Of A Modern Poet 9/23/2008
14. Endings 7/2/2009
15. The Monk With Long Pretty Hair 7/22/2008
16. Roman/Modern 9/23/2008
17. Sharks 7/22/2008
18. Honesty 7/2/2009
19. The Cheerful Poem 7/22/2008
Best Poem of David Whittingham

The Cheerful Poem

The sun is shining,
The skies are clear,
Everything is close,
That I hold dear,

Fears are long gone,
At last the darkness banished,
I realised the light has always shone,
When ever you were near,
And will never be gone,
The good deeds I now do,
Are for the goodness that had vanished,
And has returned anew

And I thank the gods,
And dam the sods,
For after all,
Happyness is never small,
The world is fair,
And worth a stare.

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I swim the majestic depths,
I eat what I need,
But I am Angry,
I hate the pray that is not my
For all that I see is mine,
Because I rule the ocean,
I inspire fear in all,
In the fish,
In the seal,

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