David Whittingham

David Whittingham Poems

1. Forsaken 7/22/2008
2. Lost Soul 7/22/2008
3. Society 7/22/2008
4. Mypoem 7/22/2008
5. The Cursed Glove 7/22/2008
6. For Hire (Monologue/Story) - Sorry About The Spelling 7/22/2008
7. Fodder 9/23/2008
8. Spore 9/23/2008
9. Me 3/23/2009
10. Reasons 7/2/2009
11. Racism Pool 6/8/2011
12. Life Of A Modern Poet 9/23/2008
13. Endings 7/2/2009
14. The Monk With Long Pretty Hair 7/22/2008
15. Club-Life 9/22/2008
16. Roman/Modern 9/23/2008
17. Honesty 7/2/2009
18. Sharks 7/22/2008
19. The Cheerful Poem 7/22/2008
Best Poem of David Whittingham

The Cheerful Poem

The sun is shining,
The skies are clear,
Everything is close,
That I hold dear,

Fears are long gone,
At last the darkness banished,
I realised the light has always shone,
When ever you were near,
And will never be gone,
The good deeds I now do,
Are for the goodness that had vanished,
And has returned anew

And I thank the gods,
And dam the sods,
For after all,
Happyness is never small,
The world is fair,
And worth a stare.

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Lost Soul

A lost soul,
I spread my wings amongst the uncaring stars,
Drifting beneath the all enduring Cosmose,
Watching as the stars rise and fell,
As the planets collided,
As the universe ripped out its bowels,
All became darkness.

A lost soul,

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