Dean du Preez

Poems of Dean du Preez

1. A short poem 8/13/2010
2. Andy Irons 11/3/2010
3. Another reason 9/30/2010
4. For Jackie.... 8/13/2010
5. How this love is happening.. 10/25/2010
6. Mozambique 8/10/2010
7. People 9/30/2010
8. Seasons 7/23/2010
9. Surfing 10/16/2010
10. Surfing...a getaway! 11/6/2010
11. What is a woman? ! 8/10/2010

What is a woman? !

To understand a woman is not complicated, consider a child and what makes them elated...

For inside each woman is an innocent child, its only man who percieves her as wild...

What a woman wants is the simplest of things, who lied and said its all about diamond rings? ? ?

Fantasies and fairytales defining a fact, that a womans dreams are as deep as that...

For anything is possible to those who believe, until along comes someone to decieve the naieve....

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