Rookie - 170 Points (09/1965 / Australia)


121. Into The Darkness Again 8/14/2012
122. Into The Deep Blue Sky... 2/5/2011
123. Into The Shadows 8/14/2012
124. Its Always Dark Here 11/20/2010
125. I'Ve Come A Long Way Since My Death 8/8/2012
126. Kiss Me Softly.. 8/15/2012
127. Kiss The Dark 11/20/2010
128. Leave Your Prurient Imagination Behind 9/10/2012
129. Lifes Mirror Cracked... 12/12/2010
130. Life's Stories Unfold And Untold.. 2/5/2011
131. Lonely Tears.... 2/5/2011
132. Lonely, , 11/20/2010
133. Lonesome Dark Soul.... 8/25/2015
134. Look Deep Into My Soul... 8/14/2012
135. Lost In A Notion…. 8/25/2015
136. Lost, Confused And Dazed... 1/18/2013
137. Love Has Passed Me By Again 8/14/2012
138. Love In Endless Blackness... 8/9/2012
139. Love Is Over 11/20/2010
140. Majestic Cormerant 11/20/2010
141. Midnight Comes Hard And Fast 8/14/2012
142. Mirror 11/20/2010
143. Murky Black.. 11/20/2010
144. My Blue Velvet Rose… 2/4/2015
145. My Dark 11/20/2010
146. My Dark, Black Butterfly... 2/6/2011
147. My Dream Girl 11/20/2010
148. My Heart And Soul Is Like Water... 8/15/2012
149. My Life Complete... 8/25/2015
150. My Love... 12/12/2010
151. My Mind Takes Flight... 8/15/2012
152. My Shadow 11/20/2010
153. My Sweet Darkness 11/20/2010
154. Night Sky 11/20/2010
155. Null And Void 8/14/2012
156. Of The Night... 11/20/2012
157. One Dropp Of The Red Rowan.... 8/15/2012
158. Pain And Death Are Simple 8/9/2012
159. Painful Tears 4/20/2015
160. Pixie Appears In Dreams 8/15/2012

In The Dark...

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think this is my home

I think of you in the dark
I think of our possible love in the dark

I believe in you to lead me to the dark light
So here I am in the dark as I await

In the dark I stand alone

For every tear I shed, you take a piece of light
With every piece of light you own my soul

I love this, but will you ever return my love

In the dark I stand alone

Even the hurt can not keep me away
I still fight to be in you veins

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think of you as...

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Cemetary Of My Soul

Deep down in my mind, in its darkest corner, there's an abandoned graveyard,
filled with lost desires, a dark land, raped, scarred...

In my thoughts, hidden within my necropolis of dreams,
Littered and filled with dead hopes, echoing, ghostly screams...

The fate of my dreams, I will take it all, in the cemetery of my soul,
filled with complete darkness, in a burial ground, whole...

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