Dorsey Baker

Dorsey Baker Poems

1. Sunny Side 7/23/2011
2. The Rain Pays No Attention 7/23/2011
3. Baby Your Ship 7/28/2011
4. In The Shower Superstar 7/29/2011
5. Dirty Water 7/29/2011
6. Spit It Out 9/19/2011
7. His Coffee 9/20/2011
8. Lust 9/22/2011
9. Prostitute 9/22/2011
10. Mirror Of A Masterpiece 9/25/2011
11. A Mass Movement 9/26/2011
12. Soul Of The Sea 9/29/2011
13. Pitbull Between A Rock And A Hard Place 10/1/2011
14. Love Is More Beautiful 10/2/2011
15. The Social Life Of A Dog 10/5/2011
16. Wide Open In The Rain 10/9/2011
17. Beggar By Trade 10/9/2011
18. A Tempting Temtation 10/9/2011
19. Man Watching Himself Come Alive 10/11/2011
20. Good Thing Going 10/13/2011
21. Ugliness Is Proud 9/17/2011
22. Love Is Its Own Best Friend 11/3/2011
23. When Young Girls Dress Themselves 11/7/2011
24. The Happiness Of Thanksgiving 11/23/2011
25. The Sickness Of Sadness 1/12/2012
26. Drunkard In A Shapeless Form 1/12/2012
27. Reforming A Reflection 1/19/2012
28. Life Is A Shade Of Another Color 1/21/2012
29. Old Fashion Way 1/23/2012
30. Were The Sun Master Of Itself 2/16/2012
31. Another Persons' Heart 2/24/2012
32. I Hate To See A House 2/26/2012
33. Her Desire Of Darkness 2/29/2012
34. Blues Come Down 3/8/2012
35. Nothing But Aging 3/8/2012
36. Control 2/21/2012
37. Aint No Drunkard 3/24/2012
38. The Future Is Young People 3/26/2012
39. Unhappy Sky 3/29/2012
40. The Strong 4/9/2012
Best Poem of Dorsey Baker

Woman Is A Masterplan

Woman is a master plan
her design
extremely fine
Woman works her magic
never letting
things get out of hand
woman is a master plan
Every woman is a master plan
Every woman is a master plan
she knows right
and she knows wrong
she knows when to come around
and she knows when to
stay gone
Every woman is a master plan
Every woman is a master plan
she can make you lose sleep
and forget to eat
she can make you so dog-gone weak
but she's so dog-gone sweet
Woman is a master plan
Every woman is a Master plan

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Law Of The Gunfighter

Gunfighter, living by the law of the gun, a law that says-when the bullet hit the body, the blood starts to run-
Gunfighter, riding rough, from sunrise to sunset, you're living by the law of the gun, and your mind and your heart, they won't-let you forget.

Gunfighter, you wish you could settle down,
but there's too
many posters of you, wanted dead or alive,
still hanging around-

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