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DreamLess Dreamer Poems

1. Alone 10/4/2008
2. Love At First Sight 10/6/2008
3. Goodbye 10/6/2008
4. Thinking Of You 10/6/2008
5. Untitled 10/23/2008
6. More Than Friends 12/11/2008
7. Where It All Begins 12/24/2008
8. Christmas 12/24/2008
9. The Best Feeling 4/23/2010
10. What We'Ve Truly Meant 4/23/2010
11. Valentine's Day 4/23/2010
12. Love Game 4/23/2010
13. Our Song 6/16/2010
14. Your Heart Chooses Who ♥ 6/16/2010
15. Wait And See 4/23/2010
16. Together We Shall Be 12/24/2008
17. You Always Need A Friend 4/23/2010
18. Impossible 4/23/2010
19. The Castle Of Friendship 4/23/2010
20. Now Until Forever 4/23/2010
21. Just A Dream 4/23/2010
22. True Feelings 4/23/2010
Best Poem of DreamLess Dreamer

Just A Dream

Wrapped in your arms
Is the safest place to be.
My head resting
Against you chest; we're alone, just you and me.
Your aroma lingers and
It smells so sweet.
You gently kiss my neck,
Then my cheek, until our lips meet.
You kiss me oh so passionately;
I do not want it to end.
I love to be with you,
I can be me and
No need to pretend.
I wake up smiling,
But realize that's not how it seems.
He is just my friend
And that was just a dream.

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Thinking Of You

Thinking of you
all the time
Thinking of you
in my dreams
Consumed by
thoughts of you
I can barely sleep
I've been wasting
all of my life thinking
of you
Missed out on great things
Just 'cause
I miss you

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