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1. Alone 10/4/2008
2. Love At First Sight 10/6/2008
3. Goodbye 10/6/2008
4. Thinking Of You 10/6/2008
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15. Wait And See 4/23/2010
16. Together We Shall Be 12/24/2008
17. You Always Need A Friend 4/23/2010
18. Impossible 4/23/2010
19. The Castle Of Friendship 4/23/2010
20. Now Until Forever 4/23/2010
21. Just A Dream 4/23/2010
22. True Feelings 4/23/2010
Best Poem of DreamLess Dreamer

Just A Dream

Wrapped in your arms
Is the safest place to be.
My head resting
Against you chest; we're alone, just you and me.
Your aroma lingers and
It smells so sweet.
You gently kiss my neck,
Then my cheek, until our lips meet.
You kiss me oh so passionately;
I do not want it to end.
I love to be with you,
I can be me and
No need to pretend.
I wake up smiling,
But realize that's not how it seems.
He is just my friend
And that was just a dream.

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Thinking of you from time to time
Wondering how things would've been
If you stayed mine
You touched my heart with
Your beautiful poetry
But there was one big question
Were we meant to be?
Confused if your love was true
Because i knew for a fact

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