Eche Ononukwe

Rookie (22 November 1984 / Bariga, Lagos)

Eche Ononukwe Poems

1. The Dog In The Manger 2/26/2010
2. Pens And Persuasions 2/26/2010
3. The Fringe Of Our Land 2/26/2010
4. Second-Class Citizens 2/26/2010
5. We Must Be In Peace And Not In Pieces 2/27/2010
6. Make Ways For Others 2/27/2010
7. Turning White Into Black 2/27/2010
8. Who Says Knowledge Is Lost? 2/27/2010
9. Set Forth At Dawn 2/27/2010
10. The Sea And My Gold 2/27/2010
11. Our Language Is Black And White 2/27/2010
12. Our Heav'Nly Race 2/27/2010
13. Pride Not Yourself, O Night! 2/27/2010
14. Until We With Death Travel 3/1/2010
15. Moth'R Of The Learn'D 3/1/2010
16. Sympathy For The Cocks? 3/1/2010
17. We Must Be Comfort'D 3/1/2010
18. My Destiny With Two Faces 3/1/2010
19. We Have A Call Each To Answer 3/1/2010
20. The Journey On This Road 3/5/2010
21. Things Have Fall'N Apart 3/5/2010
22. O, You Ancient Mighty Sleep! 2/27/2010
23. The World Is Not Worth Trusting 2/27/2010
24. The Gods Have Spok'N 3/5/2010
25. On My Feet 3/5/2010
26. My Jewel 3/5/2010
27. Worry Not Yoursel'Vs 3/5/2010
28. Salute To My Angel 3/5/2010
29. To My Belov'D 3/5/2010
30. The People Of The River 3/5/2010
31. The Rich Old Fool 3/5/2010
32. Umuezukwe, My Darly Home (To Rachiel Akuba) 3/8/2010
33. The Fair Queen (For Joy Eyisi) 2/4/2011
34. Like The Beard Of Aaron 2/27/2010
35. ... We Must Be Good Reap'R 3/1/2010
36. His Past, His Future 3/5/2010
37. Dove 3/5/2010
38. A Hymn To My Mak'R 3/5/2010
39. Comfort To The Deligent 2/27/2010
40. Call To Eternal Holiness 2/27/2010
Best Poem of Eche Ononukwe

Colonial Mentality

We always say our land is desecrat’d;

that the whites from the wintry land

came with their heavy machine guns,

firing here and there our aged-civiliz’d land

like Shylock on the flesh of Antonio.

But we’re quick to forget

that we fought ‘em heart and soul

to claim back our enslav’d land,

which they demanded from us –

they won us, we won ‘em lat’r.

After a long period of perpetual chains,

we won our land, thanks to our Chineke God.

Now we rule ourselves yet enslave ourselves,

with our ...

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Just For Our Rights

We shall strive for the freedom of man,

and not be prevent’d by our torturers’ heavy hands.

We shall drink from the juice of freedom,

and ask our torturers to free the unfreed.

But see, they take us as unfreed,

and we must be free to free the rights of man!

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