Eli Spivakovsky

Eli Spivakovsky Poems

1. Celestial Flower 6/30/2016
2. Underwater Ballerina 6/30/2016
3. Comrade Laika 6/30/2016
4. The Receiver 7/31/2016
5. Jeremie - A Jerusalem Love Story 8/6/2016
6. The Colour Mafia 8/31/2016
7. You Can't Drown In Snow 9/9/2016
8. Proof Of God 10/27/2016
9. Shifting Boats Crumble 11/1/2016
10. Hannukah Haiku 11/1/2016
11. Child Prodigy 11/1/2016
12. Dark Black Cherry Blossom 11/1/2016
13. The Astronaut's Dream 11/1/2016
14. Asian Android In Digital Snow 11/1/2016
15. 7th Floor Angels 11/1/2016
16. D 12/3/2016
17. Call For Help 12/15/2016
18. The Garden 12/15/2016
19. Interior Stars 12/21/2016
20. Mezuzah Haiku 12/25/2016
21. Edward Snowden Is In Love 12/25/2016
22. Banners 12/25/2016
23. Dragan Sakura! 1/2/2017
24. Calculation Of Gold -new- 1/5/2017
25. The Shechina - The Divine Presence Is Female -new- 1/8/2017
26. The Royal Jelly Of Jerusalem -new- 1/10/2017
27. The 6 Million Are Doing Fine -new- 1/14/2017
28. The Shodar Is A Ram's Horn -new- 1/16/2017
29. Leda And The Swan (Myth) -new- 1/17/2017
30. Corps Of Wet Doves 6/10/2013
31. Lushenko The World's Greatest Ice-Skater 10/20/2015
32. Requiem For My Sister -new- 1/10/2017
Best Poem of Eli Spivakovsky

Requiem For My Sister

I can't say you were covered in flowers because that's not the Jewish way, we cover the grave in stones.
I remember when you showed me the shape of a bird under your eye, it looked like a flying swallow, but so tiny, it could be mistaken as a freckle.
You also showed me your short life-line. 'Look, see? ' you asked, showing me your palm, and it was indeed short....
How are your bones decaying, o beautiful one?
So pretty, you'd inherited the helix for that.
I remember how you left home when we were kids, how you turned the street corner and I running after you, deploring you ...

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The Receiver

Your Pacific urges,
crack through old technology
marine-drenched cables
and the international telephonic corridors
of epic, sonic, optic rush and pause
conducting and over-lapping,
delaying the sound of rain
in the background
where you live

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