Eli Spivakovsky

Eli Spivakovsky Poems

1. Panacea 1/15/2013
2. Corps Of Wet Doves 6/10/2013
3. Lushenko The World's Greatest Ice-Skater 10/20/2015
4. Dry Ice Sublimation 6/30/2016
5. Celestial Flower 6/30/2016
6. Underwater Ballerina 6/30/2016
7. Comrade Laika 6/30/2016
8. The Receiver 7/31/2016
9. Jeremie - A Jerusalem Love Story 8/6/2016
10. The Colour Mafia 8/31/2016
11. You Can't Drown In Snow 9/9/2016
12. Proof Of God, Baby 10/27/2016
13. Shifting Boats Crumble 11/1/2016
14. Hannukah Haiku 11/1/2016
15. Child Prodigy 11/1/2016
16. Dark Black Cherry Blossom 11/1/2016
17. The Astronaut's Dream 11/1/2016
18. Asian Android In Digital Snow 11/1/2016
19. 7th Floor Angels 11/1/2016
20. D -new- 12/3/2016
Best Poem of Eli Spivakovsky

Corps Of Wet Doves

In the sun, the down on birds is luminous,
In the daisyfields, parachutes capture the glow of summer like papillion nets breathing oxygen and light.
Falling to earth, resuscitated by a strong breeze,
they flutter in their whitest silk like
an over-bloomed lily and call for more breeze
later still like
a late-blooming frangipani.

They are bridal canopies becoming sacronsanct
when finally touching the earth as its witnesses,
they are like bridal dresses caught in the branches of trees.

It's possible that they have become over-qualified
Parachuters ...

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Dry Ice Sublimation

Have you ever seen dry ice sublimation in close-up?
The little crystals seem to prick their ears up, they stand on end.
It's as if they can hear someone calling to them from very far away.

Then those little crystals start sticking out their feathered hands.
'Touch me, ' they seem to say,
'Before I disappear.'

And they turn into vapour very quickly,

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