Eli Spivakovsky

Eli Spivakovsky Poems

1. Dark Black Cherry Blossom 1/15/2013
2. Corps Of Wet Doves 6/10/2013
3. Child Prodigy 12/3/2013
4. Kaastuene - A Short Story Based On A Found Poem 10/1/2015
5. Our Optic Fibre 6/30/2016
6. Celestial Flower 6/30/2016
7. Underwater Ballerina 6/30/2016
8. Comrade Laika 6/30/2016
9. Andalusian 12/3/2012
10. Panacea 1/15/2013
11. Dry Ice Sublimation 6/30/2016
12. Lushenko The World's Greatest Ice-Skater 10/20/2015
13. Storm For A Storm 10/3/2015
Best Poem of Eli Spivakovsky

Storm For A Storm

The snow freezes in the air
The air itself doesn't freeze - that's called 'diamond dust'
The snow actually stopped altogether
suspended like a stalactite in the sky

Immediately afterwards the horses storm our cathedral:
a storm for a storm
I can see your pupils beating
expanding like ink in milk
And what if all the light that is left is the light that has left our eyes?
I came here to pause with you
to increase the spaces in moments
so if we ever needed to run we can hold still between things
and run faster
We can hide ...

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