elysabeth faslund

Rookie (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

elysabeth faslund Poems

1. Ten Deer Walking In January Rain* 5/23/2007
2. Katrina: Sandbags Against 20 Foot Surges 5/24/2007
3. The Shaman's Last Painting* 6/1/2007
4. Daddy: World-Renowned Politician* 6/15/2007
5. Medicine-Woman* 6/15/2007
6. Feel Lucky? Be Thankful For...(Humor) 6/17/2007
7. Storm Sky...1994 8/2/2007
8. Origin Of The Flame...6* 8/29/2007
9. Star Journeys: Mundana 11/26/2007
10. 'Corn Flake's' Farewell To '2-Note' 11/27/2007
11. Morning, The Nice Warrior 11/29/2007
12. Song Of Evening 12/3/2007
13. Time Photographed 12/5/2007
14. Doc, When Did I Never Listen... 12/24/2007
15. What The Stars Gave Us 12/24/2007
16. Was It Always Laudamus Te? 12/24/2007
17. Recipe 12/24/2007
18. There Were No Flocks On The Hills 12/24/2007
19. Out The Window 12/15/2007
20. Walking 12/31/2007
21. Old Man Of The Bayous 12/31/2007
22. When The Rock Came To Jerusalem 12/31/2007
23. I Never Saw The Wind That Day 1/1/2008
24. Singing Of A Soul 1/5/2008
25. My Father's Little Girl 1/5/2008
26. The Anti-Poem...Some Of You Will Remember The Anti-Story Phase Of The Late 60's 1/25/2008
27. Ancient Rain Gods 1/29/2008
28. Mother 2/15/2008
29. Rainy Day Rebellion...Resolution 2/21/2008
30. When You Least Expect It 2/27/2008
31. Ya Think Ya Know? Tell Me...... 3/1/2008
32. Why Do The Petals Fall 3/1/2008
33. Mornings Last All Day! 3/16/2008
34. Goofy And Bugs...St. Patty's Day Good Morning! 3/17/2008
35. Not Mrs. Muir 3/21/2008
36. Night Is When The Coward Strikes 4/11/2008
37. Night Is When Cowards Strike...Part 2 4/11/2008
38. For Howlin...Ships In The Night 3/26/2008
39. Castle Morgana....(Complete) 4/26/2008
40. Sven Questions His Valkyrie's Tears 4/26/2008
Best Poem of elysabeth faslund

A Woman Says 'Talk Dirty To Me'...(Humor) *

A woman runs around the house all day
Thinking 'This night, I'll play,
I'll tickle his fancy when he gets home.
After all, I've cleaned, cooked, all alone.'

Then through the door her man appears
With bundles of flowers, a case of beer,
His caseload of work, and smiling still!
The woman is happy! Steaks on the grill! !

They dine with candles alight,
He pats her ass, whispers, 'Tonight.'
She's bought a naughty at a store.
Slithers into bed and hears the snore!

Slithers out of bed, smashes a plate
Loud enough to begin a debate.
He ...

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Sandstone talons etched your name, tested your ripeness,
Signaled to eagle-high ledges...
A foot rose, fell, and your soul was at one with the peak.
You became one with the mountain...
Did it become one with you...
Did you both journey higher, lower, or to the side.
Hard to hide a mountain, easy to cover a soul,
Until Eternity's dust settles...
Other mountains, other souls, waiting within the air.

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