elysabeth faslund

Rookie (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

elysabeth faslund Poems

1. Tutankhamon And Meryet-Re: The Entombment* 1/31/2007
2. Nepal* 2/5/2007
3. Allegra* 2/11/2007
4. Pitchforks And Turkey In The Straw* 3/2/2007
5. Katrina: Lady Of The Lake 5/23/2007
6. Fog* 5/23/2007
7. My Best Friend's Nephew Is A Star Tonight 5/24/2007
8. Katrina: Sandbags Against 20 Foot Surges 5/24/2007
9. The Shaman's Last Painting* 6/1/2007
10. Crossing, Mexico, And New York* 6/1/2007
11. The Moaning Wind 6/3/2007
12. One Day In The Life Of An Ice Age* 5/10/2007
13. Ten Deer Walking In January Rain* 5/23/2007
14. Gulls Haunt Their Own Cries 6/8/2007
15. Driftwood And The Widow 6/8/2007
16. Daddy: World-Renowned Politician* 6/15/2007
17. Almost Sisters...Why Leave The Earth? * 6/15/2007
18. Ivy And The Rose* 6/15/2007
19. Origin Of The Flame...1* 6/15/2007
20. Medicine-Woman* 6/15/2007
21. A Woman 6/16/2007
22. Feel Lucky? Be Thankful For...(Humor) 6/17/2007
23. Father's Footprints 6/19/2007
24. Jonah-Woman* 6/20/2007
25. Grandma 6/21/2007
26. Mah-Ve-Lous Cat...(Humor) * 6/22/2007
27. A Sweet Thang Needs Sugar...(Humor) 6/23/2007
28. Ain'T Love Great When He Has Bad Dreams? (Humor) 6/23/2007
29. Joshua* 7/3/2007
30. Homeless Old Woman...Mumbling* 7/3/2007
31. Doors Of Emerald City 7/5/2007
32. They Are Lurking...(Humor) 7/10/2007
33. Light Could Be Deceptive 7/11/2007
34. Ah! The Country Life...A Study In Patience...(Humor) 7/13/2007
35. Ah! The Country Life...Bellvue...(Humor) 7/13/2007
36. Mechanical Things Always Include Directions On How To Use Them, Make Minor Repairs, Send Them Back To The Manufacturer For Repair Or Replacement. We Don'T Ever Read Those, Do We. 7/15/2007
37. Cheerio Dreams* 7/20/2007
38. Innocent...Until Proven...(Humor) 6/22/2007
39. Give Yourself A Break...Who Else Will? ...(Humor) 6/25/2007
40. All The Men: Please Don'T Ignore Your Woman 7/30/2007
Best Poem of elysabeth faslund

Children's Eyes, Children's Toys

What are seasons but children's soft dreams, and
Sunrise, their opening eyes?
Seeing at a glance
The days and years open...waiting,
Fringed with softness, or
Laced with abandon...

Like playing dress-up in the attic
With Aunt Dorothy's hat and gloves...
Not remembering the season
She died in childbirth...
And yet,
Ready to hear the story and pass it
Beyond their years...
To other ages.

Like playing with 'Bunny' in a toy crib,
Feeding her, patting, hugging...
Not yet realizing it is their son or
Daughter's crib...in a ...

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The Moaning Wind

There are certain levels, where
I can adjust the bedroom
The one above my head...

So that the wind moans like...
The Ancestors in White Birds...
English moors in Winter...
Flying Dutchman's sails in
High seas...

Never will the sounds made
Equal my soul's...
When you departed

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