F W Finney

Rookie - 280 Points [Frank William Finney, Jr]

F W Finney Poems

1. Another Scraping Of The Spurs In A Sorry House 5/21/2013
2. House Lag 5/21/2013
3. Severine At Porter Station 5/21/2013
4. Cotswold Trails 5/22/2013
5. Sitting By The Window At Three A.M. 5/22/2013
6. And If 5/23/2013
7. The Rosebush 6/2/2013
8. Bandwagon 6/23/2013
9. Dawn At Lovers' Grove 6/23/2013
10. Patio Generals 6/24/2013
11. Like So 7/11/2013
12. Gadgets 2/11/2014
13. Memory Of A Mojo Filter (For Bob Woodbury) 3/14/2014
14. Loon Lesson 5/17/2014
15. Goose Rocks Beach 6/2/2014
16. Gethsemane 6/13/2014
17. Interroview 6/29/2014
18. Dusk By Stony Brook 12/17/2014
19. Cynthia 4/7/2015
20. Invitations 4/16/2015
21. A Lesson On The Progress Of Poultry 8/3/2015
22. Omens 11/13/2015
23. The Young And The Sand 12/13/2015
24. Canthus Cantus 12/31/2015
25. Vamps 1/23/2016
26. Memento Mori 1/27/2016
27. Congregation 2/13/2016
28. Fine Arts For Predators (A Crash Course) 5/3/2016
29. A Gardener With A Helmet 6/2/2016
30. Points 6/2/2016
31. Bangkok Before The Rains -new- 6/12/2016
32. The Night You Fell 5/22/2013
33. On A Rock By The Sea 5/21/2013
34. Adrift 5/22/2013
35. Pedicure 5/21/2013
36. The Mystery Of The Lakes 6/2/2013
37. Blues In G Major: Nobody's Nose 5/22/2013
38. The Ropes 8/7/2013
Best Poem of F W Finney

The Ropes

Three sailors trotted
Behind your mother in a two-wheeled lifeboat
Like determined rats through the catwalks
To the cages of the newborns
Where we held you captive
On your second day of breathing
In a Fin de siècle world

The first cord is already cut
And wires hang from your navel
As a reminder of ligature to come

For a while all
Will be an extension of your mother
But soon you'll descry
The colourful lures that hang from the mobile;
Feel the strings that tow the conscience;
Hear the sound of the wind through the ratlines
As you try to...

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A Gardener With A Helmet

Pulls out an axe from his rolling tool box.
He has his orders from the landlord to tame the realm:
Squirrels look down on him and curse.
Doves search for peace on a neighbour's roof.

He has orders from the landlord to tame the realm:
Lops off a limb from the olive tree.
Doves search for peace on a neighbour's roof.
He chops and rakes away the morning birdsong.

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