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7. My Fate 6/22/2013
8. Great Heavens 6/23/2013
9. The Most High 6/23/2013
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11. Nature 6/8/2013
12. Sorrow 6/8/2013
13. My Love Says She Needs Me 6/10/2013
14. Wisdom And Might. 6/15/2013
15. Once I Found A New Love 6/15/2013
16. Slave Of The Truth 6/17/2013
17. Am I Really Poor? 6/26/2013
18. Zone Of Dismay 6/27/2013
19. Faith Restoration 7/8/2013
20. The Horor Of Love 7/17/2013
21. New Love 6/8/2013
22. Your Love Is Eternal 8/21/2013
23. Am I Alone? 6/20/2013
24. Prevention And Cure 6/25/2013
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Am I Alone?

Stuck in the middle of no where,
The calling came and i was confused.
Confused mind.
Confused person.who is calling.
I raised my head and in front is a bird.
Why are you lonely.?
On the other side is the sun.
Many trees were alone.
Just few integrate.
I realised am not the only one who is lonely in this world.
And i realised nature is calling.

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Talking world and it nature.
What a world where everything seems talking, its had to understand, but i will do oneday in the future.
Talking trees, talking air, birds can not be excluded.
The moon talk as so does the sun, and they all serve the purpose intended.
Thanks there are wonderful people in the world we need your presence.
We can not ignore nature under any pretence.
You need us as much as we do.
Thanks to the lord for you.
Keep making your element talk for i now understand.

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