Gbeti gaius Kafui

Gbeti gaius Kafui Poems

1. Morning Plight 6/19/2013
2. My Three Friends 6/20/2013
3. Grief 6/20/2013
4. Mother 6/20/2013
5. Be Content 6/20/2013
6. Emotion 6/21/2013
7. My Fate 6/22/2013
8. Great Heavens 6/23/2013
9. The Most High 6/23/2013
10. My Maker 6/24/2013
11. Nature 6/8/2013
12. Sorrow 6/8/2013
13. My Love Says She Needs Me 6/10/2013
14. Wisdom And Might. 6/15/2013
15. Once I Found A New Love 6/15/2013
16. Slave Of The Truth 6/17/2013
17. Am I Really Poor? 6/26/2013
18. Zone Of Dismay 6/27/2013
19. The Horror Of Love 7/17/2013
20. New Love 6/8/2013
21. Your Love Is Eternal 8/21/2013
22. Life 7/21/2016
23. I Uttered A Word 9/1/2016
24. Am I Alone? 6/20/2013
25. Prevention And Cure 6/25/2013
Best Poem of Gbeti gaius Kafui

Am I Alone?

Stuck in the middle of no where,
The calling came and i was confused.
Confused mind.
Confused person.who is calling.
I raised my head and in front is a bird.
Why are you lonely.?
On the other side is the sun.
Many trees were alone.
Just few integrate.
I realised am not the only one who is lonely in this world.
And i realised nature is calling.

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Slave Of The Truth

Now am a slave because of the truth.
The truth on which everybody can trace their root.
Now everybody is against me.
Because i chose to serve you, they plan to meet me boot to boot.
And tooth for a tooth.
Everybody hates me.
I never mind cos i know that is what its gonna be.
At times many forget their source of healing.they forget their source of liberty and they forget their source of laughter.
I know mine and i know its from you.

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