Treasure Island

Geetha Nair

Poems of Geetha Nair

1. A Li’l Bit Of The Sky 2/8/2009
2. Can't Save You From Drowning 2/8/2009
3. Chaos and Peace 2/18/2009
4. It Rained Today... 2/8/2009
5. Satellite 2/18/2009
6. Saw You Feeding The Crocodiles 2/8/2009
7. The Busy Man 2/8/2009

It Rained Today...

It rained today…

The skies, all gray
The mood is set,
For us, today.
Is it you or is it me?
Or are these tears ours?
These tears that dropp down,
Like wild flowers.

[Hata Bildir]