Treasure Island

Gwendolyn Miller

Poems of Gwendolyn Miller

1. A Capsule 5/8/2009
2. A Myopic View of Gwendolyn 5/3/2009
3. Capability 5/8/2009
4. Change 4/22/2009
5. La Luna 4/22/2009
6. Mother Nature is Never Satisfied 5/3/2009
7. Motherhood 5/3/2009
8. The Day the Dawn will Break 5/3/2009
9. The Unknown 4/30/2009
10. Tragedy at Graduation 5/3/2009

Tragedy at Graduation

A girl who is seventeen,
A girl who is Rory Gilmore,
A girl that walks with confidence,
A girl who always leaves the door open to endless possibility.

As enemies in high school,
Hatred ran through the veins of Jordyn Parker for me,
Jordyn and I both wanted to be lawyers,
I was accepted into Yale University, while Jordyn was not.

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