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1. The Love Lost 1/23/2012
2. If You But Knew! 1/25/2012
3. Smoking Kills........ 4/6/2012
4. I Am But A Poor Lover 9/27/2012
5. Malala [14], Pakistan 10/22/2012
6. The Truth 10/29/2012
7. Beyond Eyes 10/30/2012
8. Upon The Sun Rise Hill 10/30/2012
9. Neelambrai 11/1/2012
10. Each Death Is A Festival! 11/8/2012
11. ‘death Is An Art.' 11/8/2012
12. To My Friend 11/19/2012
13. Incessant Rain [thoramazha] 11/26/2012
14. Home, Dilapidated 12/7/2012
15. When I Behold The Christmas Stars Hanging Every Where 12/17/2012
16. Paper Rains, Purely Personal # 2/9/2013
17. Suicides 4/27/2013
18. In Search Of True Love 6/27/2013
19. When It Rains, 1/11/2015
20. Desert Dreams 1/11/2015
21. Snake And Ladder 5/16/2013
22. If My Waiting Ends In Your Arms By Death Let Me Die 10/22/2012
23. Life I Challenge You 10/30/2012
24. I Am The Rain 10/29/2012
25. You Alone I Love, Yo Alone I Worship 9/27/2012
26. Let Me Drink The Wine Of Love 10/22/2012
27. Delhi, December 26,2012 2/9/2013
28. "My Flag Is My Religion&Quot; 12/11/2012
29. Funeral 2/9/2013
30. Malala [14] Vs Taliban 2/9/2013
Best Poem of HABEEBURAHMAN Thaliyil

Malala [14] Vs Taliban

"Learning is the right and duty of each man and woman"
[MUHAMMED Peace be Upon HIM, The last Prophet]
Oh, Malala, pray for you here a Muslim in Sujood.
Still echoes in the desert of Madina,
A voice resembles That of the prophet.
Oh, Malala, pray for you here a muslim in Sujood.
Princess of hope, you will never die,
For immortalized the way to heaven on the earth itself.
Oh Muslim oh, mankind pray and follow MALALA
A voice echoed in the caves of HIRA 1500 years ago,
Princess of hope, ...

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Smoking Kills........

When i enjoy each puffs at the verandah of a theater leaning against the wall....
A child pass by covered his face and nose
I felt, i was killed,
The night, when was about to kiss my love in the bed
She turned herself sighing so deeply,
I felt i was killed.

[Hata Bildir]