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1. The Love Lost 1/23/2012
2. If You But Knew! 1/25/2012
3. Smoking Kills........ 4/6/2012
4. I Am But A Poor Lover 9/27/2012
5. Malala [14], Pakistan 10/22/2012
6. The Truth 10/29/2012
7. Beyond Eyes 10/30/2012
8. Upon The Sun Rise Hill 10/30/2012
9. Neelambrai 11/1/2012
10. Each Death Is A Festival! 11/8/2012
11. ‘death Is An Art.' 11/8/2012
12. To My Friend 11/19/2012
13. Incessant Rain [thoramazha] 11/26/2012
14. Home, Dilapidated 12/7/2012
15. When I Behold The Christmas Stars Hanging Every Where 12/17/2012
16. Paper Rains, Purely Personal # 2/9/2013
17. Suicides 4/27/2013
18. In Search Of True Love 6/27/2013
19. When It Rains, 1/11/2015
20. Desert Dreams 1/11/2015
21. Snake And Ladder 5/16/2013
22. If My Waiting Ends In Your Arms By Death Let Me Die 10/22/2012
23. Life I Challenge You 10/30/2012
24. I Am The Rain 10/29/2012
25. You Alone I Love, Yo Alone I Worship 9/27/2012
26. Delhi, December 26,2012 2/9/2013
27. Let Me Drink The Wine Of Love 10/22/2012
28. "My Flag Is My Religion&Quot; 12/11/2012
29. Funeral 2/9/2013
30. Malala [14] Vs Taliban 2/9/2013
Best Poem of HABEEBURAHMAN Thaliyil

Malala [14] Vs Taliban

"Learning is the right and duty of each man and woman"
[MUHAMMED Peace be Upon HIM, The last Prophet]
Oh, Malala, pray for you here a Muslim in Sujood.
Still echoes in the desert of Madina,
A voice resembles That of the prophet.
Oh, Malala, pray for you here a muslim in Sujood.
Princess of hope, you will never die,
For immortalized the way to heaven on the earth itself.
Oh Muslim oh, mankind pray and follow MALALA
A voice echoed in the caves of HIRA 1500 years ago,
Princess of hope, ...

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If You But Knew!

If you but knew how much i loved you!
You would have forsaken the whole world for me.

Which paradise of the worlds you bequeathed in place of my love?
To which Eden of hopes the SERPENT tricked you?

Oh, the evenings we shared in the candle light.
The verses you scribbled while hot coffees we had.

[Hata Bildir]