Happy Place

Happy Place Poems

1. Be With Somone 3/16/2014
2. The Man I Love 3/16/2014
3. All Over Again 3/16/2014
4. Them And Their Dirty Games 3/16/2014
5. I Love You 3/18/2014
6. Who Broke Your Heart? 3/18/2014
7. To The World, 3/14/2014
8. Give Love 3/16/2014
9. I Always Do 4/9/2014
10. Jittered Heart Beat 5/6/2014
11. Our Ride 10/12/2014
12. The Unhappy Ending 11/9/2014
13. Saw You With Her 9/1/2015
14. A New Door 3/2/2016
15. Facts 3/2/2016
16. A Great Painter 5/2/2014
17. How Foolish I Was 3/16/2014
18. Blooming Heart 3/16/2014
19. Grieve 1/10/2014
20. Breeze And Longing 10/12/2014
21. Season 5/12/2014
22. Love Never Runs Dry 4/9/2014
23. November Third 1/10/2014
24. Sexy Lady 3/16/2014
25. Opposite Attracts? 5/5/2014
26. My Difficult Love 4/9/2014
27. Love And Hate 10/12/2014
28. I Miss You Dearly 3/16/2014
29. Missing You Without Shame 3/16/2014
30. My Ocean 11/18/2014
31. Love Is Never Blind 3/16/2014
32. Home 4/4/2014
33. My Honest Love 4/4/2014
34. Time 4/4/2014
35. Green Is My Theme 4/4/2014
Best Poem of Happy Place

Green Is My Theme

Green is rejuvenating
Green is soothing
Green is serene
Green is calming 

The forest greenery
Is a well kept treasure
Well kept secret
Well kept behavior

Green simply fascinating 
Green is exciting
Green never expire
Green truly inspire

Green is an essence of nature
Effortlessly captivating
Amusing without even trying
Green always enchanting

Green is my safe resort
It's beauty reignite my soul
Jumped start my heart
Always hold a special place in my heart

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Be With Somone

Be with someone who only wants to make you happy
Be with someone who makes you happy
Be with someone who truly care for you
Be with someone who meant every word said
Be with someone who hate to make you hurt
Be with someone who hurt when you are hurt
Be with someone who protect you
Be with someone who make fool out of themselves just to see the smile on your face during your bad days
Be with someone who care for the people you care

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