Treasure Island

Hardik Vaidya

[] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Poems of Hardik Vaidya

441. The slow train. 11/20/2013
442. The Stage. 11/14/2013
443. The straw -new- 9/13/2014
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445. The Tejpal Trilogy. 11/22/2013
446. The Times of India 2/3/2013
447. The Union Budget 2014 7/10/2014
448. The Value of Pi 22/7 2/26/2013
449. The wheels keep turning 3/14/2013
450. The Woman In The Ferrari 2/8/2013
451. The Work of your life. 3/18/2013
452. This kind of colorless day also arrived. 4/1/2013
453. Time 1/29/2013
454. Time and its tails 1/19/2014
455. Time To Part 3/2/2013
456. Time Travel 2/24/2013
457. To a lady who has a name which I cannot take. 3/17/2013
458. To All The Sales Folks Who Worked Under Me 3/1/2013
459. To appreciate beauty 4/12/2013
460. To be silent for a while 3/10/2013

You have arrived.

You have arrived:

When the tweet within, leaps out.
Peeks through every face, of every book, of the book of all books.
Through all words, alphabets, punctuation's, and full stops.
When the spaces between the words tweet and reek of you.
When the musk in the deer, is the deer in the musk.
When your tweet echoes across time, across space.
When your tweet bends light, when your tweet sears through tears of time.

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