Hayyim Nahman Bialik

(9 January 1873 – 4 July 1934 / Radi, Volhynia)

Hayyim Nahman Bialik Poems

1. Sabbath Queen 4/7/2010
2. I Didn’t Win Light In A Windfall 4/7/2010
3. A Twig Alighted 4/7/2010
4. A Long Bough 4/7/2010
5. Return 4/7/2010
6. After My Death 4/7/2010
7. In The City Of Slaughter (Excerpt) 4/7/2010
8. Should You Wish To Know The Source 4/7/2010
9. On The Slaughter 4/7/2010
10. Alone 4/7/2010
11. One, Two 4/7/2010
12. On A Summer’s Day 4/7/2010
13. Take Me Under Your Wing 4/7/2010
14. Summer Is Dying 1/1/2004
15. The Old Acacia Tree 4/7/2010
Best Poem of Hayyim Nahman Bialik

The Old Acacia Tree

Neither daylight nor the darkness
See how silently I wander.
Not on mountain, nor in valley,
Does an old acacia ponder.

The acacia solves all mysteries,
Tells my fortune while I tarry.
I shall ask the tree to tell me
Whom O whom, am I to marry?

Where will he be from, O Acacia,
Is it Poland, Lithuania?
Will he come with a horse and a carriage
Or with staff and sack will he appear?

And what presents will be bring me -
Necklace of pearls and coral flower?
Tell me, will he be fair or dark-haired?
Still unmarried or a widower?

If he's ...

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