Idris Adesina

(04/11/1992 / Ogun State)

Poems of Idris Adesina

1. A Poem: of Her to Her 3/3/2012
2. Dungeon 10/10/2013
3. Heartwreck 3/7/2014
4. Homage to a Lost Queen 3/3/2012
5. Hymn to Shona 7/31/2012
6. I Want to be a Soldier 3/21/2012
7. Lazy Love 3/27/2012
8. Letter From The Grave 3/13/2012
9. The Pen's Errand 7/31/2012
10. White Rats 8/26/2013
11. Wings of Time 4/12/2013

A Poem: of Her to Her

I wonder why they don't go Memories of the world of oh! Why do they complicates? Or shouldst they aggravates? Even I tried many times to back, But it keeps coming back. Would I ever be freed From which makes me bleed? A story full of sweet-bitter times. Tho' fought many times Why this love-hate rope? Like man hung in air with rope. Or what

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