Ismael Mansoor

Rookie - 20 Points (20 May / 1988)

Ismael Mansoor Poems

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28. Your Life Aren'T Mine 9/1/2013
29. Believe I Will 2/20/2013
30. Peace To Me 6/3/2013
31. Dance To Heart 5/5/2013
32. Can I Smile? 5/5/2013
Best Poem of Ismael Mansoor

Can I Smile?

Can I smile? Just smile for life?
If I smile for life
The world might offer its warmly smile

I can do is just smile
Smile, smile, smile

Smile makes me smile
I know, I can't resist

Can you smile?
Just smile for life?
If you smile for life
The world might offer its warmly smile

All you need to do is just smile
Smile, smile, smile

I smile, you smile, we feel good deeply
Smile cherish our being

Smile to heart
Smile to mind
Smile to body

This feeling I smile
It runs so deep I cannot stop inspire

Its ...

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Sense In Joy

Do what I need to do
In order what I enjoy
Every path has the possibility for joy
Which rests upon my expression
Take joy with me
Sense of real enjoyment
It will be my level of joy
That inspires me
Is to make myself cheerful
Joy appears only
If I feel truly enjoy

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