Treasure Island

Jade Leven

(March 19,1994 / California)

Poems of Jade Leven

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13. As Long As I'm Around 6/4/2007
14. August 7/16/2007
15. Beautiful Nightmare (a song) 9/23/2007
16. Before You Die 2/11/2008
17. Black in the Water 10/7/2007
18. Black on White 7/2/2007
19. Brought Back (a song) 2/26/2008
20. Bullet Holes 7/21/2007


On a day when nothing matters
the sky is gray
but I can't say the same for myself
I can live on after today
because I lived on after yesterday
even though I'm not like everyone else

he wrote me a letter
that I didn't open
he called and I answered...
not with a hello,
but with a goodbye

have a nice life.

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