James Bredin

Rookie (1933 / Ennis Canada)

James Bredin Poems

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Best Poem of James Bredin

Assisted Suicide

Why is death with dignity seldom mentioned in our land?
Is the mere mention of assisted suicide illegal and banned?
In Oregon, Washington and Switzerland; it’s already there,
So Canadian media or politicians should not scare.

Why is this one human right denied with all government might?
Though they have abortion clinics killing babies day and night,
And a federal or provincial election almost every year,
The subject of death with dignity is avoided with great fear.

It seems as though our politicians never think that they will die,
Is this stupidity or ...

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Ennis will forever be enshrined in my mind,
A small mark on the map from another place and time.
Memories dimmed by many years as though cut with a knife,
First seventeen years of love and laughter in my life.

In a town bowed down by poverty struggling to survive,
Back lanes of half-door houses waiting someone to arrive.
Narrow winding streets full of friends and farmers’ horses,
Pompous priests dressed in black who always walked on water,

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