James Davis

Rookie (12/26/1990 / Philadelphia, Pa)

James Davis Poems

1. Why You Left 4/2/2008
2. The Only One 4/2/2008
3. She Loves Me 4/2/2008
4. Falling Summer Love 4/6/2008
5. With Out You 4/6/2008
6. I'Ve Met You 4/6/2008
7. Ha Ha Almost Broke It 4/6/2008
8. Why Wont U Come Back 4/6/2008
9. Love & Respect 4/7/2008
10. True Love 4/7/2008
11. Minutes From My Soul (Requested Poem) 4/8/2008
12. Leave Me Be 4/20/2008
13. ? ? ? ? 4/20/2008
14. I Will 5/19/2008
15. Dead Flowers 5/24/2008
16. That Heart That Wants A Savior 5/28/2008
17. Live To Die 5/29/2008
18. Life Is ______ Love Is _____ 4/12/2009
19. Easter Is Here 4/12/2009
20. My Wife Cried In My Arms & Everything Went Cold 10/12/2009
21. The Pain Inside 1/7/2010
22. She Want To Love Me, But She Cant 4/7/2009
23. Give Me Your All 4/7/2009
24. Final Good Bye's 2/13/2010
25. Good And Bad 3/29/2010
26. We Will See 3/29/2010
27. I Am Ready But Are You? 4/12/2009
28. Fear 1/7/2010
29. La Vida 4/6/2008
30. Guess Im Not Perfect 4/21/2008
31. Truly Ignored 4/6/2009
32. Fadding Love 4/7/2008
33. Two Faced People 4/7/2008
34. Who Am I 4/6/2009
Best Poem of James Davis

Who Am I

On the outside I'm an ordinary teenager. Dark hair Dark eyes
But on the inside who am I?
I'm bright but dimming hot but chilling alive but dying.
I was cold dark and dead but then i found that light ahead.
That light was my healing but now its killing
Its killing me slowly. Pushing and pushing my life away.
I suffer this feeling day by day.
She breaks me down till i have no legs she folds me up and tosses me away.
She tells me she loves me but then she hurts me.
She tells me she needs me but then she leaves me.
She gives me that false hope of love then she tears ...

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Why You Left

Babi tell me why
Did you want me to die
or did u hate that you saw love in my eyes
before my last breath before your last text
I knew you'd be my best but worst ex
The one who would shatter what many have scarred

Yes it broke because you were happy when I left

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