Treasure Island

Jason Grant

Poems of Jason Grant

1. addiction 9/27/2011
2. departure 12/2/2011
3. IF IT'S 11/14/2012
4. love or is it drugs 2/10/2011
5. my brother rip 12/3/2010
6. my feelings for you 11/2/2010
7. my love life 11/30/2010
8. painfull suffering 11/2/2011
9. Without You 11/12/2010

my brother rip

The sight of forsaken blood
the sight of deseption runs untold
corps of unforsaken friend lays below
missing til no end
redemption consumes a soul
avenger shall seek vengence
seeking the source of pain and suffering
seeking rememberance
sharing the pain nothing left to gain

[Hata Bildir]