Jason Grant

Poems of Jason Grant

1. addiction 9/27/2011
2. departure 12/2/2011
3. IF IT'S 11/14/2012
4. love or is it drugs 2/10/2011
5. my brother rip 12/3/2010
6. my feelings for you 11/2/2010
7. my love life 11/30/2010
8. painfull suffering 11/2/2011
9. Without You 11/12/2010

love or is it drugs

there are plenty of people to love,
there are plenty of drugs to take,
being with one girl that loves you will make you happy,
taking one drug u will feel happy and loved,
being with your girl for a while will make u never want to leave her side,
continue to take drugs you will be addicted,
your girl breakes up with you will want her back,
you stop taking that drug you will have withdrawal,
losing her will kill you emotionally piece by piece til there's nothing left,

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