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1. As The Door Shut Close 4/1/2008
2. Think Our Love Twice 4/1/2008
3. Why 4/10/2008
4. Class Of 08 5/2/2008
5. Every Time 5/7/2008
6. Wished 5/7/2008
7. Best Friend (More Like Back Stabber!) 5/7/2008
8. The Boy In My Class 5/7/2008
9. You Are Dead But Still Alive 5/7/2008
10. One Of A Kind 5/7/2008
11. Your Last Words 5/7/2008
12. The World Let Me Go 5/7/2008
13. Friend Or Beast? 5/7/2008
14. Meant To Be 5/9/2008
15. Friend? ? Please! 5/9/2008
16. Relationship? For What? ? ? ? 5/11/2008
17. Can You 5/11/2008
18. Life 5/18/2008
19. Over You 5/22/2008
20. Love 5/22/2008
21. It Hurted 5/27/2008
22. She Cried 5/27/2008
23. His Lines 5/27/2008
24. Why Is It 5/30/2008
25. Well, Well, Well 6/9/2008
26. In This World 8/11/2008
27. Theres Always [[ Dedicated To Keiaire Patrick]] 8/11/2008
28. Flash Back. 6/9/2008
29. The Lonely Baby 5/22/2008
30. A Best Friend(Ded.2 Jaquetta) She Single.&& 15. 5/11/2008
31. Pregnant Girl 5/7/2008
32. I Believe 4/17/2008
33. Your Son 5/22/2008
Best Poem of jennifer marcelino

Your Son

Your son in the corner selling drugs.
Do you care?
Your son kills innocent people,
you think thats fair?

Its like you dont give a ****, like you dont care.
Your son is in jail, because
of a gang that he's in.

Your son is on the corner, he stopped breathing.
Your son is in the hospital with a bullet in his heart.
You and your son will be apart.

Your son got shot because of
him trying to dropp out of a gang.
All your son heard was 'bam! '
Your son is 6ft under the ground.

Your son is dead!
Face the truth.
He left this world so ...

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Think Our Love Twice

Tears came rolling down my face like on a rainy day.
I hate you! That’s what I want to say!
I know that you love me. Its that it’s so hard to believe! A lot of boys lied and cheated on me.
I want to trust you. And believe every single thing you say..... I hear things from other people. It does not make me feel okay.
He does this. He does that, he been with her, he been with that.

At night I wonder what are you doing, feelings like this I keep on including...... I keep on thinking that

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