Jessica Caswell

Jessica Caswell Poems

1. The Sister I Never Had 6/4/2009
2. Stary Eyes, Moon-Lit Heart 6/4/2009
3. Here To Stay 6/7/2009
4. What Could Have Been 5/18/2009
5. Light And Night 7/7/2009
6. Animal 5/18/2009
7. I'Ll Be There 6/16/2009
8. Brother 5/17/2009
9. All I Do 5/18/2009
10. Your Angel 5/17/2009
11. Names 5/17/2009
12. Who To Trust 6/3/2009
13. Lying Love 5/17/2009
14. Liars 5/17/2009
15. Equals 5/17/2009
16. Death 5/17/2009
17. A Real Friend 5/17/2009
18. Beatiful 5/17/2009
Best Poem of Jessica Caswell


Don't call me ugly
or pretty
or beautiful
and if you think im ugly
everyones beautiful in their own way
it might be their eyes
or body shape
maybe their personality
or voice
so when you call me ugly
everyone is beautiful no matter
who they are

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I've been made fun of
called horrid names
had really bad luck
but its all the same
you can call me names
but im still proud
with my head held high
its not funny
or cool

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