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561. What's Up With Cialis And Viagra? 5/2/2009
562. What's Wrong About This Picture? Part Ii 6/11/2011
563. What's Wrong With Wright (An Observation On What Is And What Is Not) 5/8/2009
564. Where Art Thou Jesus? 12/7/2014
565. Where Have The Flowers Gone- - -Pete Seeger Knows For Sure 1/31/2014
566. Whips And Chains 5/13/2009
567. White People 5/11/2009
568. Who Cares? 6/23/2009
569. Who Da Baby Daddy? 5/9/2009
570. Who Gives A Hoot(Ers) 5/13/2009
571. Who Got E.D., Rats? 5/2/2009
572. Who Let The Dogs Out, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof 5/11/2009
573. Who Needs Cruise Missiles? 9/5/2013
574. Who Needs Dino Anyway? 5/6/2009
575. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 8/30/2010
576. Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? 5/4/2009
577. Who’s Stallin’ Now? 5/7/2009
578. Why Turn An Xy To A Yy? 5/2/2009
579. Will The Names Of Tekla And Tesla Be Remembered A Thousand Years Hence? 1/14/2010
580. Will The Real Stepford Stand Up? 5/10/2009
581. Would You Trust Assad? 9/10/2013
582. Wrinkle Free For Life(Less) 5/2/2009
583. Wrong Place, Wrong Time 5/13/2009
584. Yo, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Starr Rum 5/2/2009
585. Yogi Did Make A Boo-Boo 5/3/2009
586. You Can Take For Granite Aka The Daily Granite 5/2/2009
587. You Can Take The Man Out Of Sharia Law Land, But You Can Never Take Sharia Law Out Of A Man 5/5/2009
588. You Don’t Know Jack 5/13/2009
589. You Got The Tiger By The Tail 5/9/2009
590. You'Re Deep Cow Urine 4/30/2009
591. You'Re In (Urine In) Deep Space 5/2/2009
592. You'Re Sixteen You'Re Beautiful And You'Re....All Of Ours? 6/8/2011
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$$$$$creflo Dollar Store$$$$$ (Not Quite An Acronym For Cre(Ating) (The) Flo(W) (Of) Dollar(S) (His Real Name Is Michael Smith)

Who is this man of God,
professing the Resurrection of my Lord Jesus,
Dressed up with all that bling?
That the more you give to me assuredly comforts you with a heavenly thing.
International ministry, in the name of Jesus, to people in Uganda,

The Title and theme of Creflo Dollar's meeting in Kampala, Uganda is
'Janggu Ogagawale' in Luganda, a local dialect; in English translated
'Come and Get Rich'...
This sounds unbelievable cause Creflo would have a very hard time using
such a Theme in the United States. However, these ...

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A Royal Flush!

The ‘Assuies’ are levying a tax on water output, so called the ‘flushing tax’,
Some are not flushing as much do reduce their water bill,
Some are going “outside” in their outback, if you will,
In this world wide economic slow down you can’t be lax.
Some businesses are getting to point of developing ‘waterless toilets’,
The composting toilets are great for saving water and money,
They come in a variety of styles and you have much to gain,

With the average household flushing up to 3

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