Joe Rosochacki

Joe Rosochacki Poems

1. Screwed To Death 4/30/2009
2. You'Re Deep Cow Urine 4/30/2009
3. Virginia Is No Place For Virgins 4/30/2009
4. Pretty In Pink? What Would The Tudor Family Say? 4/30/2009
5. The Euology Of Viewmaster 4/30/2009
6. The Top 5/1/2009
7. Red Lobster Tonight 5/1/2009
8. Oy Vay Maria 5/1/2009
9. Rats, (Gold) Foiled Again 5/1/2009
10. Lonesome Loser (In The Style Of A Shakespearean Tragedy) 5/1/2009
11. S P Q R (Senatus Populsque Roma) , ((The) Senate And The People Of Rome) 5/2/2009
12. Lenins And Putins And Stalins, Oh My! 5/2/2009
13. Price For Freedom 5/2/2009
14. Dr. Kildare Me? Aka Dr. Kevorkian Cocktail 5/2/2009
15. Walmart, We Are Rolling Back Prices (In Healthcare) 5/2/2009
16. Read, Red Wine 5/2/2009
17. Soy Says You 5/2/2009
18. Thar Is Gold In Dem Der Butts -Hills 5/3/2009
19. The Usa Made In China 5/3/2009
20. Paterson Made History 5/3/2009
21. That’s What You Needed Is Another Hole In Your Head 5/3/2009
22. Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Bride, Here Comes The Bride, There Goes The Bride, (Repeat 21 Times More) 5/4/2009
23. That Wasn’t Judge Judy! 5/4/2009
24. The Ballad Of Zeb Ben Richer (Sung To The Bevery Hillbillie’s Theme Song) 5/5/2009
25. The Stepford Wives Geisha Style 5/5/2009
26. The Queen Is On The Porcelain Throne 5/5/2009
27. Ouch! That’s Gotta’ Hurt 5/5/2009
28. Operator 5/6/2009
29. Let The Domino Chips Cascade Into The Abyss 5/6/2009
30. Spirit Of St. Louis, Seig Hile 5/7/2009
31. R C M P Or Royal Canadian Murderous Pantechnicons 5/7/2009
32. Pit Bulls And Pigs And Lipstick, Oh My! 5/7/2009
33. Well Hello Mary Jo, Goodbye Heart 5/7/2009
34. Tsa Is Abreast Of Things 5/7/2009
35. Peterson 5/8/2009
36. Sinking Of The U(Nited) S(Tates) S(Enator) Hillary Clintonic 5/8/2009
37. We Still Have A Two Minute Warning Aka The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet Aka It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over 5/8/2009
38. Religious Right Is Not Necessarily Right For Mccain 5/8/2009
39. The Dh Grandama Obama 5/8/2009
40. You Got The Tiger By The Tail 5/9/2009
Best Poem of Joe Rosochacki

"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.&Quot; But The Lack Of Money May.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money to operate.
My dad was a postal clerk in Hamtramck, Michigan, zone 12,
Before the use of zip codes, yes I am that old,
Zip codes were enacted by the time I was eight.
One of the Postal branches in New York City has; neither snow…..,
Though, - the US Postal officially has no motto.
My dad went on a strike back when the US Postal System was run by the government,
It was called a wild cat strike,
He feared for his job but the union "wanted" him to strike for better pay,
I believe he was making ...

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Dump Trump

If ever the Republicans want to reach the highest goal
If ever the Republicans want to galvanize they should know
Donald Trump is a narcistical buffon who claims that 'Everybody loves him'
Tell that to the thousands of Mexican laborers, not on a whim
Trump is a polarizing figure who attracts the rightest of the right wing
Not a majority votes to bring
You're akin Ankin's comments about rape
The most assassine comments on videotape
Humpty Trumpty will have a great fall

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