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Joe Rosochacki Poems

121. Don’t Ask, Do Tell At Wal-Mart 5/5/2009
122. Don’t Cry For Me Appalachia! (Aka) Maria, I’ve Just Met A Girl Known As Maria 6/25/2009
123. Dr. Death Is Running For Congress 5/5/2009
124. Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? Or Calling Dr. Eduard Wirths, Dr.Josef Mengele, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine 12/22/2009
125. Dr. Kildare Me? Aka Dr. Kevorkian Cocktail 5/2/2009
126. Driven To Distraction 5/12/2009
127. Dubious Death In Damascus 8/22/2013
128. Duchess Ellington 5/7/2011
129. Dumb And Dumber (And The Dumbest) 5/3/2009
130. Dump Trump 7/8/2015
131. Dyncorp, Who In The Hell Are You? 5/3/2009
132. Ebony And Ivory, Chocolate And Vanilla, It’s Grey To Me 5/12/2009
133. Episode 4: Masterminds Need Not Apply (When Will It Ever End?) 9/20/2009
134. Episode V: The Return Of Masterminds Need Not Apply 10/21/2009
135. Episode Vi: Masterminds Need Not Apply 11/17/2009
136. Error On No.25, Bonds 5/17/2009
137. Escargot In, (Rather On) Your Face! 12/20/2009
138. Estv (Elementary School Transvestism) 5/10/2009
139. Euro Vs. Ruble Or Once A Split Germany Soon To Be Split Ukraine 3/1/2014
140. Evil Incarnate 5/9/2009
141. Exorcise Your Right To Worship And Your Freedom To Assemble Or The Devil Made Me Do It Or Satan Doll 9/6/2010
142. F E M A Full Of Excretion And Manure Action Or Fake Emergency Management Actors Or (How Do I Keep My Job And Its Pension And Be Accountable To No One) 5/17/2009
143. Fail(Ed) Safe(Ty) 5/17/2009
144. Farewell To Feathers 5/17/2009
145. Feel Like A Natural Woman? 5/4/2009
146. Fema Ii (Formaldehyde Excuses Management A$@holes) 5/12/2009
147. Fema Iii Aka Fraudulent Excuses My Ass 5/7/2009
148. Fema V (Federal Empowerment (Of) Machiavellian Attitudes) 5/25/2009
149. First It Was Disneyland, Graceland, Neverland And Now Escobarland? 7/26/2009
150. Fix It Again, Walter? 5/3/2009
151. For I Don’t Give A Damn About A Green Back Dollar Ii 5/6/2009
152. For I Don’t Give A Damn About Green Back Dollar 5/6/2009
153. For The Towels Toils 5/17/2009
154. For Your Penance; Drink 4 Patrons,5 Bloody Marys And 5 Shots Of Spiritus 7/26/2010
155. Ford Has A Better Idea 5/7/2009
156. Forever More 9/2/2013
157. Forget Cialis, Viagra Or Extenze, Just Pass Me The Pepper! 10/10/2009
158. Forgiveness 5/5/2011
159. French Fries At The Louvre? 10/8/2009
160. From Russia With Love Or Anna Chapman And Her Alleged No Goodniks 7/2/2010
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"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.&Quot; But The Lack Of Money May.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money to operate.
My dad was a postal clerk in Hamtramck, Michigan, zone 12,
Before the use of zip codes, yes I am that old,
Zip codes were enacted by the time I was eight.
One of the Postal branches in New York City has; neither snow…..,
Though, - the US Postal officially has no motto.
My dad went on a strike back when the US Postal System was run by the government,
It was called a wild cat strike,
He feared for his job but the union "wanted" him to strike for better pay,
I believe he was making ...

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Screwed To Death

Mr. Sergey Tuganov had taken a challenge from two Moscow women,
He would not let his pride be underestimated or undermined,
The women bet him $4,300.00 that he could have sex for 12 hours straight,
Forgetting about pleasuring himself as his name would indicate.
The Russian Comrade would not let medical advice hinder him from his revolution, -ugh resolution.
'In the rare event of an erection lasting more than four hours, seek immediate medical help.'
Was an indication.
12 hours into the

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