John W. McEwers

Rookie - 62 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

321. We Ran, But Never Got Far 4/12/2010
322. Weatherman 2/5/2012
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326. What If I? 4/12/2010
327. When Is Never? 4/12/2010
328. When Love Strikes The Unlucky Rich 2/1/2012
329. When The Wonder Is Too Much 4/12/2010
330. Whenever I'M Down 4/12/2010
331. Where There Once Was A Woman, A Statue Stands 4/12/2010
332. Where There's Smoke, There's Failure 2/22/2012
333. White Pants, Inverted 4/13/2010
334. Whole Wheat Cracker 2/1/2012
335. Who's That On My Lawn? 4/18/2013
336. Why Don'T You Offer Some Love? 3/10/2013
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338. Wistful Winter Wishing For A Cabin 2/3/2012
339. Witchcraft Tells The Tale Too Well 2/3/2012
340. Work-A-Day 4/12/2010
341. Worm Food 2/1/2012
342. Write My Life 4/13/2010
343. You Aren'T Foolin' Me, Mister -new- 8/29/2015
344. You Cut Me Off - Love Lost Forever 2/3/2012
345. You Take My Money And Buy Her Shoes 4/13/2010
346. Your Intrigue In Me 2/16/2012
347. Your Love Is Due 4/13/2010
348. Your Love Is Remembered 2/4/2012
349. You'Re My Flightless Dovey Hero 2/4/2012
350. Yucky Yuck 3/1/2014
351. Zoology 2/22/2012
352. Zzebras 4/13/2010
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Mammals lay no eggs outside of their bodies because they lay them inside of their bodies.
Marsupials carry babies around in sacks like babies are groceries from the corner carry-out.
Fish passively lay eggs in giant areas so that just about anything that wants to can attempt to germinate.
Birds make nests.
Where does John fit in?

Snakes leave their skin on the ground because they are comfortable without it.
Trees leave leafs to die around them to fertilize.
Sheep need their wool to be taken from them or else they'll get too hot.
Sharks have too many teeth to ...

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The Sunshine In Winter

There is none.
I live in the noth
-ingness of the holes
Of my teeth.
They are floating, my teeth

On nothing

And when will the sun shine rise again?
I fear never.
Never, I fear.

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