John W. McEwers

Rookie - 62 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

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122. High Noon And No One To Shoot 3/1/2014
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127. Hope 4/16/2010
128. Hoping For A Feeling 2/1/2012
129. How Are You Not In On This? 4/13/2010
130. How Pathetic We Are 4/13/2010
131. How To Find Her 2/14/2012
132. How To Tie A Tie. 2/8/2012
133. How'D It Do? 8/9/2010
134. Humble Pancakes 2/13/2012
135. Hurt Me 4/13/2010
136. I Couldn'T Win A Hot Dog Eating Contest 2/3/2012
137. I Have A Lot To Offer You 2/4/2012
138. I Only See Him On Wednesdays 4/12/2010
139. I Spin In Public 2/3/2012
140. I Stand For World Peace 7/26/2014
141. I Tried To Learn To Juggle 2/3/2012
142. I Want To Eat A Porpoise 2/4/2012
143. I'D Be Embarrassed, But She Was Like An Eight-And-A-Half 3/7/2013
144. If 1 And 2 Were Equal 2/1/2012
145. If I Could Only Love You 2/1/2012
146. If It Burns, Flow Sweet Water, Flow 4/12/2010
147. If Life Was A Child Its An Orphan 4/12/2010
148. If Only You Loved Me 4/12/2010
149. If You Loved Me, You Would. 4/16/2010
150. If Your Smile Said Something Grand 4/13/2010
151. I'Ll Touch You Like He Won'T 2/3/2012
152. I'M Kinda Rather Impressed With Keg Man 4/13/2010
153. In Washington 2/4/2012
154. Insults, Tiny And Polite 2/4/2012
155. Interview With A Dead Man 2/1/2012
156. It Might Surprise You 2/3/2012
157. It Should Have Been 4/16/2010
158. It Was Onlyyesterday 4/16/2010
159. It's The Mad Cat Slapper 2/3/2012
160. I'Ve Got A Hold On You 2/4/2012
Best Poem of John W. McEwers

Gross Things

I remember when I was a kid,
I ate worms after a rain
I mixed dog food in my ice cream
I played with frogs
rolled in the mud like hogs
but the only thing that ever
ever disgusted me
was the moment Mindy kissed my cheek
in the middle of recess.

I feel silly in my solitude now.

I'd give all the frogs in the world
for a chance to wipe my hands of worms
and take Mindy to that Ice Cream Social,
and have a ten year head-start
to enjoy all the gross things
in life.

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Guilty By Condemnation

Take it in
Poem like vacuum Police
Five—oh, really?
There were, really, five of them.
They ate me. They chewed my pleas
When I said “I”
And I said “Didn’t”
And I said “Kill”
And I said “Her”
And I said “Puppy”

Its exhausting being innocent.

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