John W. McEwers

Freshman - 629 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

121. Ham And Olives 4/12/2010
122. Happy Is Good 2/1/2012
123. Hardly Meat 4/12/2010
124. Hate Is Kate Is Hey, You, What'Re You Looking At? 8/29/2015
125. Haven'T Been Having Much Good 3/7/2013
126. He Plays Scrabble Like Horses Riding Storms 4/14/2010
127. He Tried To Make Me A Man 2/3/2012
128. Heart Magnets 4/12/2010
129. Hearts In A Motel 2/22/2012
130. Heartstrings 4/12/2010
131. Hello, My Name Is Your Name 4/15/2012
132. Help You Please 4/13/2010
133. Her Eyes Shine Like Diamonds 4/12/2010
134. Her Walk 4/12/2010
135. Here Here Mr. Hot Pants! 3/10/2013
136. Heroism 4/13/2010
137. High Noon And No One To Shoot 3/1/2014
138. Hold Me Till You Can'T 4/13/2010
139. Hold Me, Love 4/16/2010
140. Holiday Dinner In Three Parts 7/26/2014
141. Hooray For Carnival Dogs 3/10/2013
142. Hope 4/16/2010
143. Hoping For A Feeling 2/1/2012
144. How Are You Not In On This? 4/13/2010
145. How Pathetic We Are 4/13/2010
146. How To Find Her 2/14/2012
147. How To Tie A Tie. 2/8/2012
148. How'D It Do? 8/9/2010
149. Humble Pancakes 2/13/2012
150. Hurt Me 4/13/2010
151. I Am Still Maya Angelou 8/29/2015
152. I Couldn'T Win A Hot Dog Eating Contest 2/3/2012
153. I Got 'Em Drippin' 8/29/2015
154. I Had A Scion 8/29/2015
155. I Had This Big Thing That Happened On That Day 8/29/2015
156. I Have A Lot To Offer You 2/4/2012
157. I Only See Him On Wednesdays 4/12/2010
158. I Should Have Been Named Stan 8/31/2015
159. I Spin In Public 2/3/2012
160. I Stand For World Peace 7/26/2014
Best Poem of John W. McEwers


Mammals lay no eggs outside of their bodies because they lay them inside of their bodies.
Marsupials carry babies around in sacks like babies are groceries from the corner carry-out.
Fish passively lay eggs in giant areas so that just about anything that wants to can attempt to germinate.
Birds make nests.
Where does John fit in?

Snakes leave their skin on the ground because they are comfortable without it.
Trees leave leafs to die around them to fertilize.
Sheep need their wool to be taken from them or else they'll get too hot.
Sharks have too many teeth to ...

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The Sunshine In Winter

There is none.
I live in the noth
-ingness of the holes
Of my teeth.
They are floating, my teeth

On nothing

And when will the sun shine rise again?
I fear never.
Never, I fear.

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